Monday, December 13, 2010


Hand sewing binding is working it's way up the list of my least favourite things, along with basting and quilting. Maybe I need to change crafts.

Do you remember this? I started this quilt back in early August.

It took me most of last week to finish it.  I wanted to finish the binding in the evenings, the idea was to watch tv while hand sewing to keep my mind occupied and make it feel like it wasn't taking for.ever.

The first night I was attacked by these.
Even though I had all the screens shut, these flying ants swarmed inside, straight for the light that was over my head. There were lots more I just don't want to gross you out with pics. Please excuse the cat fur, who buys a white sofa when they have a black fur baby!!!! 

Despite this set back, hand sewing the binding continued, and went on and on and on, until, finally.....
it's finished!
The binding is in Kona charcoal and I added a strip of  Kona Artichoke and a strip of Hope Valley for a bit of interest. I pieced the back which included one more owl block.

Oh and look it matches my cushion on the outdoor sofa, a very happy coincidence.


  1. Utterly sublime Little Miss Sunshine. I adore it. Can you make me one?

    I love the colours and the centre blocks. And the name is pretty cute too. I think you should name all my 2011 quilts.

    I hate binding too...

  2. Hi Marg, wow your quilt looks fantastic, im not big on hand sewing binding either because i like to finish things i just machine sew it on with a walking foot and get pretty good results.

    Have a great week! x

  3. That quilt is well worth the work! Wonderful!

    HA! My mom doesn't like sewing by hand either, and yet she periodically does applique. I tease her about it. Her work is lovely.

  4. Well at least you got as far as binding which is more than I would! The quilt is great and I love the little owl on the back. How horrid to be attacked by flying ants indoors - we see them in the summer on a hot thundery day sometimes but not in the house I am glad to say.


  5. Woo Hoo!! A finished fabulous quilt!! I love those fabrics! I'm binding mugrugs and finding that tedious. I tried doing it on the machine and it looked terrible so I unpicked and started again, UghMugRugs!! So I know your binding pain.

  6. What a great quilt! The colors are so beautiful. Your quilting really gives it the right accent and I love the owl on the back.

    xo -El

  7. That has turned out to be my almost favourite quilt you have made, really stunning! I love your Japanese one best but this one would almost tie for first place :-)

  8. ooooh I love that quilt - lovely colour scheme too - fab - those flying ants were a bit gross though :-( And we need to live next door to each other - hand sewing the binding is my favourite bit of all.


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