Thursday, January 6, 2011

Spiders, potty mouths, diets, exercise and challenges, a look back

Since it's a new year, I thought my blog could do with a few changes. I was going to go all out and change everything, but then decided against it as I like the way it looks. I've changed the header with some new photos. I kind of liked the original one more, but considering I made that cushion a whole 12 months ago, and I have been quite crafty for the last 12 months, I thought I'd change it to show that I quilt and crochet, after all I am quite proud of those finishes.

I wanted to look at some of my posts through the year too, and look back at whether my blogging has changed.  I don't think it has, maybe I've loosened up a bit since the early days. Reading some of my old posts was very very interesting. Getting to know Shay over at Quilting In My Pyjamas has been a huge influence on me. Her blog posts are very funny, she has a great sense of humour and she has taken me under her wing, so to speak, with helping me in my quilting (and in potty mouth training), lol, actually that is more likely the reverse!
We have struck up a real friendship over the last year and I think this post, Sew-in and a Spider sums it up completely. If you are going to click on this, consider yourself warned.

Looking back is sometimes not good, when you can see how many squillions of yards of fabric you have bought since since June 29 2010.  That cupboard is bursting at the seams now and I have a huge plastic bin and a basket filled to overflowing as well.  I really think I should go on a fabric diet.

Speaking of diets, hmmm, and exercise, remember these, Exercise+Me=Bad Outcome closely followed by Exercise + me is not a good equation which concluded with a bubble wrap helmet courtesy of Shay. I'm too vain to link you to that post, you will just have to find it yourselves, and it took me forever to find it, so good luck!!!! If you bribe me I might point you in the right direction.

Finally, why I was a bit very hesitant to take on another quilting challenge after my disastrous attempt with  the *@!# snowball challenge.

This has emphasised the fact that blogging has been such a rewarding experience, and more importantly, I now have a "diary" that I can refer back to as I haven't previously kept a diary.  I love this medium, 2010 was a great year of blogging for me.


  1. No, I won't go back to the spider post thank you very much. It was creepy enough the first time.

    I too need to go on a fabric diet, as well as a good one! Sigh!

  2. EWWWWW spider!!!! hate creepy crawlies. I am not happy with the look of my blog at present but it will be a work in progress. A fabric diet?! That is blasphemy!! lol

  3. Arrgghhh Spider!!! I've been hitting my computer with the broom!! What a nice retrospective. I like your new header and I agree that I like the look of your blog, it's crisp and white to balance out all the great photos of fun things you share with us. Youre so right, Blogging is a great diary and awesome way to meet people!

  4. I kept forgetting to tell you how much I liked your new look, Marg - I am dying to try to find the posts that resulted in a bubble-wrap helmet!!

    I love that aspect of blogging as well - a diary - I love the compilation of recipes that can be created as well as a storage for pictures that would otherwise never be displayed!

  5. Your new header looks great! Yes, your older one was very pretty, but it's time to show off the new stuff.

  6. Your new header looks great - it's nice to showcase some favourite makes.

    I used to keep a diary but now my blog seems to have replaced it - it's so nice to look back at old photos and writings - it always reminds me of primary school where you had the sheet of paper with space for a picture at the top and then ruled lines beneath for the story to go with it :0)

  7. The great spider incident of 2010 was one of the funniest things that happened to me all year. I keep remembering all those emails flying back and forth.

    And I'd totally forgotten about the bubble wrap helmet! That was such a great photo of you.

    Oh and dont you worry -Im pretty sure I picked up some new profanity in the last year from hanging out with you. I hope I taught you some new stuff too.

    Loved this look back. Had me laughing all over again.

  8. What ever did happen to your snowball project??


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