Friday, April 15, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

This week there are a few things I could choose for FTF - having a wonderful time with friends,  visiting a place for the first time and being shown around by a very nice and informative friend, visiting places that have autumn leaves that are turning the most beautiful colours, but instead it's going to be about something that Bitchypoo suggested, as it's one of her favourite things, and I think it's pretty darn good as well.

It's an egg topper.

Bitchypoo loves boiled eggs, but can't won't crack open the egg so always asks me to do it, and I don't like boiled eggs. In December I saw these in a homeware shop and even though it cost an arm and a leg, (if it had cost me a first born child it would have defeated the purpose as I wouldn't have needed it then), I thought it would be the perfect Xmas present for her.  She was very impressed and thinks it's fabulous and I love it because I don't have to crack open her eggs any more.

Bitchypoo took the photos and if you click on the last one you can see Bailey skulking, actually I don't think he's skulking at all he looks like he's quite at home on the kitchen bench in the background, hmm, bad Bailey. Oh and please excuse the crumbs, she hasn't learnt to hide stuff when you are taking photos to show.

How cool is it that she thought of something for me to do for FTF. Yippeeeeeee.
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    Love bitchypoo

  2. You need to do a video so we can see how it all works lol. I am pretty impressed with the outcome though. Love the fact that you call your daughter bitchypoo. My daughter got upset when I told her, her theme song was "Nothing Sweet About Me" but then she is only 8 and doesn't appreciate the humour in it yet.

  3. Kitchen gadgets are always cool, especially if they actually work.

  4. Very cool! would love to see it in action.

  5. Blimey, did Bitchypoo really come on line! Bless her.

    Agree though, we need to see how it works. I want one, even though I never ever make boiled eggs!

  6. I just googled it because I was curious, I suggest everyone goes to youtube and types in "great egg opener" - I think the force of the top ball dropping must neatly crack the eggshell in a neat circle around the edge of the cup.

    I only like hardboiled eggs though, and my little sister and I split it - I like the hardboiled yolk and she likes the white bit, so we let it cool down a bit and peel it entirely before splitting it.

  7. Waving at Bitchypoo who has made a rare but welcome appearance here for us today ...

    Sara is a gem because I was curious about how it worked too. Im assuming you dont have to muck around with it too much. Looks like a great idea and is an amusing favourite. I can never get soft boiled eggs perfect...

  8. Thanks Sara, I couldn't find anything on the net, yes that's how it works.
    Shay you need one of these...
    I should have put this in the post too, it makes perfect eggs every time. You have to put the eggs and it in cold water and just check on it every so often, the only thing wrong with it, it doesn't have an alarm, you have to check it. BUT it's worth it as they always come out perfectly.

  9. oooh, you should totally make a video!

    I think your daughter must have missed you - how cute that she was like your little assistant!


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