Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not Not Karma's quilt

Another finish for April.

Karma's Quilt

The idea started when I saw the Max and Whiskers pre-cuts I thought it would be great to make them into a really cute dog bed for Karma.  I combined them with some co ordinating prints from my local quilt shop, the sashing is It's a Hoot from Momo.  Initially I called it Karma's quilt, really original name I know!!!   I thought long and hard to come up with that name.
As the quilt progressed though I thought it was way too nice and I had spent too much time on it to be just a dog quilt. So I was going to make it bigger and use it myself.  It became Not Karma's quilt. More hours of thinking to come up with that one!
After getting this far with it, I came to the conclusion, that the fabric was cute but I didn't want a quilt in it.  All my friends who saw it said I should give it to Karma and I was mean if I didn't, so now it's not Not Karma's quilt, dumb I know, but it's more interesting than just plain old Karma's quilt!

There are some really cute prints in this range, some of which I fussy cut.  I echo quilted it around the log cabin strips in a kind of squared off zig zag.

The back is chenille which was surprisingly easy to work with.
Chenille Backing on Karma's Quilt


I pieced the binding using more of the jelly roll.


It's the first time I've pieced a quilt on point, and I had a little bit of trouble working out the setting triangles as I wasn't following a pattern.
I'm really pleased with this one and Karma seems to be pretty pleased with it too!

 I don't think he's too impressed with Lulu trying it out!


  1. Lucky dog! I hope he doesn't tell all of our dogs. We can't hope to equal this !

  2. Awww look at him! He loves it! It turned out great Marg, they are such cute prints - you will have to start on one for the cat next!

  3. I love the route you've taken in echo quilting the blocks... much cleverer than boring straight lines, even though I guess it still technically is, just way more awesome.

  4. I really like this quilt -- am wishing I were a dog in your house!

  5. Not not Karma's and Definitely not Lulu's quilt is fabulous. He is one lucky little pooch :0)

  6. Love the name and the way it evolved. Lucky Karma! This is such a great quilt, are you going to make one for yourself?

  7. Well Karma looks suitably grateful that you decided to give him his quilt in the end. I do love this and think it's perfect for the pooch.

    Love the name as well. It makes a great back story for the quilt!

  8. Oh, now after seeing Karma on the quilt, and how comfortable he looks aren't you glad you turned it over to him.

  9. Lucky Karma! I love his name and I hope he is 'good Karma" and you'll certainly tot up some for being a kind doggie mama and giving hin his quilt. He certainly is enjoying it.

  10. It's a wonderful quilt, no matter who ended up with it. Maybe Karma can change his name so you can give the quilt a different title?

    the last pic is hilarious with the two pets eyeing each other!

  11. I love this! I love your fabric and I especially love the chenille on the back.

    Who do you think will camp out there more - Karma or Lulu?

    I'm glad you gave it to him....

  12. Love the expression in Lulu's eyes - a bit like the wild expression in Sam's eyes when he eats pops' cake! LOVE the colours you use.

  13. It's gorgeous! I can't believe it is for the dog!! :-)


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