Saturday, April 30, 2011


It's the end of the month already, it's time to link up with Judy at Patchwork Times,  which means it's time for me to reveal my Monochromatic Challenge block for this month.

Ta dah!

Here it is, my goldfish (just in case you weren't sure).

Orange for April was another great colour for me, I had quite a few orange fabrics to choose from.  It didn't take me too long to make a decision on what to embroider either.

I am feeling a little weird just doing a block each month when everyone else seems to be able to finish a whole quilt, but if I had attempted to make a Monochromatic quilt each month, I probably wouldn't have even made the first one. At least this way I will have twelve lovely blocks at the end of the year that I can use to make a beautiful quilt.

Some more orange loveliness, photos of amazing orange sunset clouds, taken from my verandah this week.

The colour for May is red, I am worried I won't have enough reds to choose 8 that co-ordinate.  I love red shoes, red handbags, red coats, red lipstick and red scarves but I don't think I have very much red fabric that will go together.

Stay tuned.


  1. Very nice block .. I like the idea of a block a month. It makes it so that you can enjoy it, instead of feeling guilty.

  2. Your monochromatic blocks are lots of fun. They are going great sewn up into a sampler quilt.

  3. It sounds to me like you have a VERY valid reason to go stash shopping Marg! I love red fabrics :0)

    Your orange block is lovely, orange is such a happy colour and I like your little wee goldfish. You're going to have a beautiful rainbow quilt when you are finished. One block a month is do-able, one quilt a month would be somewhat stressful!

  4. Ooops - forgot to say your sunset photos are glorious - quite stunning.

  5. Yes, I think a block a month is so much more doable. If there is stress involved then the process is not enjoyable at all. Your block is great and those orange clouds with the sunset are magnificent. We have had dust today mixed with little spurts of rain. A good pajama day indeed. Best wishes, Tammy (P.S. love ALL the necklaces in your previous post :)

  6. Doing the challenge as a BOM is a good idea. I too, feel funny about everyone else doing 'larger projects' but I don't really need more quilts. I just try to do something useful. I like your fish. He's cute!

  7. I'm doing mine as a block also, not sure how I am going to tie them all together, guess we can just wait and see what moves us at the end of the year.
    yours look great! love the embroidery!

  8. Oooh your block looks fabulous. Love the ornage combos. (I totally got it was a goldfish without the prompt)

    I think your idea of a block a month is really sensible. One block is easy to make and I love that you'll have a rainbow quilt at the end.

  9. Love the orange and the embroidery! I DID know it was a goldfish! Send me your address Marg and i will post you some red!


  10. Love your goldfish!! A perfect block!! Good for you.

  11. How did I miss orange??? Its my favourite colour! LOVE this block, it is going to be an amazing quilt when its done. One a month is a great way to do it I think, gives you time to think about it :-)


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