Friday, April 29, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Another Friday rolls around, the year is going faster and faster.  This week my favourite thing is some of my jewellery.
Not too far from where I live is the iconic Eumundi Markets.  Eumundi is pronounced You Mun Dee with the emphasis on the Mun!  Many people from all over Australia visit the Eumundi Markets when they are in the area. A while ago I found a lovely lady called Helen that made and sold the most gorgeous bead necklaces. Over time I bought a few from her.

 I absolutely love the unusual beads she uses.

The metal fish in this one is so cute.

Bitchypoo knows how much I love these necklaces so she bought me this red one for my birthday a couple of years ago, isn't that nice. Another cute fish in this one.
This last one I bought at another iconic place here on the Sunshine Coast, at Hastings St, I just love the details of this one too.

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  1. Beautiful wonder they are your fauvorite.

  2. I love your necklaces. I tend to buy things with unusual beads or shapes, also.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  3. I have two necklaces I got custom made which I never take off, but I have so many other ones that I never wear because of it that I fell a bit bad. I love looking at, and usually buying jewellery, but I never seem to wear any of it.

  4. What fun necklaces! Great FTF!

  5. love, love, love!

    My favorite is the top one - do you wear it with that red bead out front?

    Very pretty, Marg - Is Helen still there and selling jewelry?

  6. Very pretty necklaces! I bet they look stunning on!

    Isn't it nice when our children give us something we really like. I am usually amazed they notice us long enough to know what we like!

    Thanks for sharing Marg!

  7. Love your necklaces. Being a gypsy at heart (albeit an old one) I love funky jewelery. Yours are all gorgeous!

  8. How lucky you are to live so close to such a fab market where you can find necklaces like those.

  9. Wow! It's all so unique and pretty. Definitely you!

    Love the red and black one. Isnt bitchypoo a doll?

    Like Sara I have a load of jewellery but Im usually too lazy to change it so I end up wearing the same stuff all the time.

    Loved your post Marg.Thanks for sharing your lovelies with us.

  10. I have so many necklaces, I make them, I buy them and wear them lots. I usually wear a new on to death then it goes to the bottom of the pile. Lovely necklaces, it is great when you find someone who creates something you love and you know that it isn't mass produced.

  11. Kirsten yes I do wear it so the large square bead is at the front, or sometimes just off centre.
    Last time I went to the markets, Helen wasn't there, so I'm hoping she was just away on holidays.

  12. Those beads are lovely and the necklaces are unusual and unique aren't they, love them. My friend came back from a visit to those markets with so many goodies, lucky you to live so close!


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