Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

Easter, it means three days so far of playing in my pj's, woo hoo. Monday and Tuesday are looking good too. Although Monday pyjama playing will be interrupted by a family BBQ lunch at my parents house.

I have been playing and achieving quite a bit, for me, anybody else would have probably started and finished a couple of quilts by now!

I played with these.

I finished this quilt.

I worked on this.

I even realised that I had a tiny bit of wall behind the door in the study/third bedroom/fabric and wool stash room where I could have a design wall.........finally. So up went the piece of flannel that I use as a design wall and a bit of painters tape, voila a design wall.  If it works, I'll think about putting something up that is more aesthetically pleasing, in the mean time it is ok, even if it does look a bit crap!

Lots of playing with fabric. Always a winner when I'm procrastinating.  I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with the first bunch. No lovely neat piles of fabric for me, more like messy and spread out to see how they look.

It's funny, if you asked me whether green is a favourite colour of mine I'd say no, but look how much green is in the above two pics of fabric stash. I do think I'm partial to those light yellowy greens.  The greens in the second photo are going to be part of another quilt I'm about to start.  I have about 10 quilts on my to do list, but when I was playing with my fabric, I decided to skip all of those and start on something that I hadn't even contemplated doing. Oh well, at least I don't have to buy any fabric for this one, it's using up some of my stash.

 The weather has been absolutely glorious, so a fair bit of this has taken place too.

 Look at those beautiful blue skies. Normally at Easter the weather is 99.9% sure to be horrible, wet and grey, but as Easter is so late this year, the weather has been perfect. We stayed home this year, because Easter is so hectic on the roads, I went away only a couple of weeks ago, and we just love staying at home and hanging out, who wouldn't with this view.

I finished unpicking the circles of doom, now that was an achievement. I had to double check that I hadn't missed any as I really thought it would take me f.o.r.e.v.e.r to unpick those. Now to start quilting them.............again, sigh!

Take a look at this little pile. I've finally started English paper piecing. How cool is that. It was so quick and easy. It didn't take me long at all to do these. Not that I will ever attempt to make a whole quilt out of these, but it's something else I can do at night which doesn't involve much brain power.

Link below to Pyjama Party Sunday, so that we can see what fabulous achievements happen when you play in your pj's.
Remember you don't have to have been in your pj's, we're not going to check on you, but if you have something crafty or exciting to show please join in.
I'm off to play in my pj's for the rest of the day, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter break too.


  1. The design wall is nice .. I'll do one as soon as we sell the house and I have my new sewing area. You are certainly having a productive weekend.

    Happy Easter!

  2. Wow, busy you!! I'm not in pjamas but I'm wearing pink ugg boots (I don't wear them outside the house so I'm not a bogan). I love your rose quilt!! How are you going to quilt your circles now? Design walls are great. I'm so tempted to wallpaper our whole house in flannel.

  3. Marg you must be a proper quilter now you have a design wall!

    I'm glad you got all the unpicking done, horrid. I had to do some yesterday as well as what I was doing for the dresdens didn't work at all.

    Everything else you showed is lovely.

  4. have been x-tra busy!! I am amazed. Well at least I got my tunic top finished. In case anything crafty happens over here today or tomorrow, I´ll link up.
    Have a great day!!

  5. I have been in my PJ's all weekend as well except to visit MIL's for Easter Brunch! I will link to your Sunday PJ's tomorrow when I have done a post :-)

    Love that design wall, its a great idea to be able to see what you are doing.

  6. Goodness Marg - how do you fit it all in? You've been a busy Easter bunny lol. Yeay, Hexies :0)

    Love your design wall - you'll have endless play with that. Enjoy the rest of your break - I don't think I'd move much further than the hammock and those views if I were you :0)

  7. Just love having days in my pj's fortunately I dont know anyone who would just drop in unannounced. I dont quilt, but I do have the same problems of focus with embroidery....there is always something in the ufo box that will take my fancy in the middle of something else.

  8. So sorry I missed your pj day! I did get some quilting done today, but also spend time with Big.

    I would love to come and hang out on your porch - it is so beautiful! You are one lucky woman.

  9. I'm totally jealous of that hammock! Good for you that you got a little holiday weekend rest along with all of your hard work (un-piecing sounds like it is very tedious).

    I love those light greens, too...I bet whatever you make with those will be ethereal and gorgeous!

    Hope you had fun at your parents for the BBQ - what was on the menu?

  10. Good grief.You're a lean mean quilt making machine.

    I'm seriously pissed that I didnt get to do PPS this week, but my Mum isnists on people getting dressed at her house. Thankfully Im home anow and normality will return next weekend.

    Love the hexies, love the design wall idea and love those french roses. Im seriously going to have to do some.


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