Friday, October 8, 2010

Fiji part 2

The second part of our holiday was spent at Denarau, we stayed at the Radisson resort. Denarau is a stretch of beach with resorts built on reclaimed land not far from Nadi (pronounced Nandee) International Airport, but far enough. The resorts here are the Radisson, Sheraton, Westin, Sofitel and Hilton.  The beaches are not as nice as the island beaches, you can't go snorkeling here as there is nothing to see, however it is a lovely precinct with lots of resorts, a marina, restaurants, shopping, golf course etc. A completely different holiday experience to the smaller islands of Fiji, nevertheless a great place to stay.

Farewell to Castaway Island

The Radisson

The marina precinct at Denarau

The view from our room, the sea in the distance, the resort is only 4 yrs old.

Another view from our room

Every night at dusk the torches are lit. The kids in kids club dress up in grass skirts and run with the guy who lights the torches. I couldn't quite read what was written on their backs, I think they were Fijian names.

 The view from the sun lounge by the pool and where I spent most of the time at the resort. This is the adults pool, no kids allowed. The main pool is over to the left and there is another one with a water slide behind the palms.

 The beach is not so nice here, but you can still swim in the ocean.

There are Bula buses, open air buses, which run between the resorts and the marina, it was originally run by the resorts and was free. A private company has now taken over and charges  FJD$6 per adult for an all day ticket. Kids travel for free.  You can get on and off as many times as you like. 
The lobby at the Westin from the Bula bus



  1. really beautiful pictures. I find it interesting and a little surprising how much development is there - I think I expected a "wilder" environment - maybe on some of the small islands of the South Pacific?

    It looks like there were a lot of other tourists - is this a busy time of year for holidays?

  2. Paradise version two! It's all just beautiful. :-)

  3. These photos make me want to take a vacation in Fiji. Is that your foot in the pool photo? It sounds like you had a really nice time! You deserve it.

  4. This brings back lots of memories of when I went to Fiji in my early 20's. I'd like to take Mr. P one day - I think he'd love it. Great photos!

  5. You can go off some people you know!!!!!
    I'm not even one for beach hols as I can't usually cope with the heat, but this looks fab.


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