Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A problem and a cheer me up.

When I came back from Fiji, I checked google reader and I had 603 unread posts. I also had a trillion unread posts in my RSS feed. I have been trying really hard to catch up, but it's just about impossible to read plus comment on them. I apologise that I haven't been commenting on your posts, but I am madly trying to catch up so that I will be able to start commenting again by the end of the week.
What it does tell me though is I have far too many blogs that I read, and I must spend an awful lot of time during the week sitting at the computer catching up.  I am going to have to bite the bullet and cut back on the number of blogs I read, but where do I start?  I read them because I really enjoy them.

In the meantime, this should really brighten your day. I have seen this before, quite awhile ago, but I still get a good laugh out of it. It is heartening to see, that I am not alone!


  1. You certainly did brighten my day!

  2. Its scary being away for a week and seeing how many posts you have. It really brings it home how much time is spent on the net. I need to reduce my blog list a bit as well, but don't really know where to start!

  3. I loved the link. Hilarious.

    I recently did a blog cleanout. It's hard but sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! How many blogs do you follow for crying out loud to have that many unread posts in a week?

  4. Picking and choosing blogs is dicey. When I'm behind as was after last weekend, I read the blogs of the people that I have personal correspondence with first. Once I'm caught up with those, then I look at the others to see if there's anything I just can't pass up--like those posting a beautiful quilt. Then I consider myself caught up, even though there are some that I've missed.

  5. Forgot to say thanks for the giggle. She had some funny lines!

  6. Please, please, please, don't cut me from the list. I feel important being on your list!

    Love the comedian. She is very funny!


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