Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not happy, Jan

Aussies will know this line from a yellow pages ad in Australia.

Bitchypoo decided in her wisdom, (she obviously doesn't take after me), despite me telling her a resounding no on more than one occasion, to come home with this.

No not the green or the blue stuffed toy, I wish.

Yes, that is Lola. Another fur baby to add to our collection. She is cute, but I so do not want to have to go through the whole puppy thing again, cleaning up the mess etc. 
Bitchypoo is just about to finish her final year of school, has her drivers licence, and I am was finally looking at being free to go where and when I want without having to be there 24/7 for her. Now I have to worry about a puppy again.  

Here she is, she has to be held....... firmly, if you want to take her photo and this was the only one where it isn't blurred. She is 8 weeks old, a Jack Russell x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I can't see one drop of Cavalier in her so lets hope she has it in her temperament, it's not looking promising though. 

I am too soft to make her take her back, but I categorically refuse to look after her, except when Bitchypoo is at school, lucky, as she only has 6 weeks of school left before she finishes. Bitchypoo can hardly look after herself, so heaven knows how she is going to look after this.  I snigger a little when she has to get up at 4.30am to take her outside. I am a truly loving mother!!!!!! Cleaning up poop and vomit are invaluable life skills (more sniggering).

The other fur babies are not amused. 
Karma growls at her every time she comes close. 
Lulu has been the most tolerant, just gives her a gentle pat with the paw if she goes near her, but Bailey, I think, has decided she looks good enough to eat and I'm not sure whether he is actually trying to kill her and have her as a snack before dinner, or just trying to give her a darn good fright. Either way I am not willing to find out so when I am busy Lola goes in here, so that I know 
a) she is safe
b) she is not peeing all over my carpet

Bailey checking her out!


PS. I suppose a puppy is better than a baby.


  1. But Lola is sooooooooo cute. I love her name too by the way. All the coolest dogs are called Lola.

    Take it from one who knows, Little Miss Sunshine, having been in the position where I didnt get the choice between a puppy or a baby where Miss P was concerned - I'm voting for the puppy.

    You can throw a puppy in a crate without child protection coming and telling you what an unfit mother you are. Plus puppies cant squeal on you if you forget to feed them.

    P.S. I do love my grandson stacks but I hadnt quite finished actually parenting my daughter before he came along. Now I'm finishing that up just as I'm starting again with him!

  2. Oh no! I'm afraid you're sunk !
    Our daughter asked us to "mind" nher TWO dogs when she went to the UK on a 2 year working holiday - you know the permit only lasts for 2 years we thought ! Wrong! She stayed away for 5 years then moved back home for another year then moved to a place where she couldn't have any dogs. The dogs of course became OUR dogs (after 8 years !!!).
    At least we can send them to her these days if we want to go on holidays ( she now has a yard )but now she's talking about getting a puppy !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh dear! Very very cute, but rather you than me. I have enough trouble cleaning up after myself, never mind something that isn't toilet trained!

  4. Lola is one cute puppy. I think babies of all kinds are made to be really cute so that we fall in love with them. Then they start to get bigger and the cute goes away, but it is too late - we are in love!

  5. Lola really is cute, but I can see your point. Like you, I wouldn't have the heart to make your daughter return her though.

    Got a giggle out of the picture with Bailey sitting on top of her crate. He's definitely fascinated.

  6. cute puppy - I don't blame you for feeling a little put out! I like how under your labels it says, "crappity crap" :)


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