Friday, October 15, 2010

A life lesson

After 10 days of chaos at Chez Sunshine, the puppy has gone back to the original owner.  Bitchypoo came to the conclusion to give it back after realizing that having a puppy isn't all sunshine and roses.  As she made the decision to get the puppy, behind my back, and knowing full well I didn't want another fur baby to look after now, I refused to help out with feeding, cleaning up etc.  Very hard to do, but if I gave in now I knew I would be regretting it for a very very very long time.
A combination of things brought her to the decision that the puppy had to go, (fortunately the girl who sold her the puppy had said to her, that she would take her back if needed.)

1. Cleaning up after a puppy is not fun, in fact it's gross.

2. Entertaining a puppy for hours on end is not that great if you want to spend time on the computer, or with friends, etc.

3. The other fur babies hated the puppy.  The puppy had to be separated from the others, especially Bailey.

4. Puppies bite and scratch, stuffed toys don't. 

5. If you have a puppy and you want to go away, you can't because no one will look after it for you, and you can't leave it on it's own for 24 hours.

6. If you want to go out at night, you can't because you have to look after the puppy, because your mother won't!

7. Being woken up two or three times during the night to take it out for a pit stop gets really really annoying.

8. Puppies destroy things, eg, phone charger cords, and anything else you leave lying on the floor, which is a bummer when all your worldly possessions are lying on the floor, because you are too darn lazy to pick anything up and put it away.

9. Puppies pee on things on the floor, eg your clothes, etc refer to number 8 above

10. It costs a lot of money to keep a pet, food, vet bills, flea/tick protector, worm tablets, toys etc., oh what's that, you don't have any money, I know you just spent it all on a puppy.

11. Puppies don't listen to you when you tell them to do something, it's annoying isn't it!

So now there is peace and quiet at Chez Sunshine for today. I'm not sure whether my feet look any younger but at least I don't need to keep up the experiment, hallelujah!


  1. This was a hard lesson for you and your daughter to learn. I respect you for being so strong. I don't think I could have done it. I think that might be how we ended up with 47 hamsters at one time!

  2. Well done. I'm with you all the way.

  3. Well done to you Marg!!! Puppies are so hard to resist but yes they are a lot of work and they do grow up and become just regular dogs like all the rest :-)

    Did I miss something about your feet??

  4. Good on you for setting a boundary around care for the puppy and sticking to it. Puppies are hard work.

    I have been there done that and ended up with fish, hermit crabs and a cat. The fish now live with SAJ, the hermit crabs went to the wildlife exhibit at the school and the cat has thus far managed to avoid re-homing.

    Last timne she brough something live home it was Little P. I think he's a keeper...

  5. You have just become my role model for dealing with kiddo, who wants a dog so badly. Promises she'll do everything, etc. Sounds like the same song doesn't it. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  6. It's really hard to understand when you look into those innocent, adorable puppy eyes what you're REALLY going to be in for. Wonderful that your daughter got to experiment and find out.

    Too bad we won't find out if your feet were doing a reverse aging thing though. ;-)

  7. Good for you for sticking to your words and not stepping in and helping. Here's to a cleaner, happier home! Oh, and nicer smelling :)


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