Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday tidbits (and tails)

Here's the noisy guy from last week,  he is not quite so shy now, although his girlfriend is definitely very shy. It has been impossible to get a photo of her.

He likes the berries of the palm tree so this has become his favourite perch.

Spring is well and truly here and all the flowers are beginning to bloom.

A Cassia at the bottom of the driveway

Lots of scented plants in my garden.


Frangipani, just starting to flower on the higher branches

Unfortunately it rained after the Gardenias had opened so quite a few of them have discoloured. The scent from them is amazing at the moment. See  the black on the walkway, that is one of the trials of living in paradise, it is because of the high humidity here. I clean it every 6 months but it always comes back.

I don't remember buying this at Ikea.

Today I have been basting the wonky owl quilt and then started quilting it. I have decided I detest the quilting part of quilting, especially when it's on a larger quilt. My basting is perfect, I spent ages doing it and am really happy with it. I don't like man handling the quilt on the machine, I just get really annoyed, especially as I am outlining each "square" so there is lots of turning involved.  I think it would be easier if I was just doing straight line quilting or stippling, but I don't think either of those are going to look any good on this quilt. I will soldier on but I won't be finishing it in a hurry and I won't be making anything bigger than a lap quilt from now on if I am going to quilt it.

Now for something else with a tail,

avert your eyes now if you are not too keen on reptiles. A visitor to our garden on the weekend. 

A python, so it's not venomous, I'm just not quite sure where it is right now, so the fur babies are not going outside, (they don't anyway), but I'm making extra sure they don't get out.


  1. I dont care if it's not poisonous -it's still a snake. You just single handedly killed Australian tourism for the next 6 months.

    I love Jasmine. Love the smell and the look of it. The only green things still in my garden are the weeds. Gardenias are gorgeous. Who knew they discolour after rain!Not this garden dunce.

    And if you didnt pay for that cat at Ikea you need to take it back...that's stealing.

  2. Um, a python? If it were me, I wouldn't be going outside, like ever again.

    Good luck on your quilting!

    xo -El

  3. Yep, definitely not working for the tourist board. I think the spider was worse, although I would panic at seeing the snake as I wouldn't have a clue it was non poisonous.

  4. My family are from Townsville, so I can can just imagine how your "tropical" garden looks. It must be a haven of colour and perfume. You like the same flowers as me, gardenia, jasmine, frangipanni.

    The colour of the white tropical frangipanni at night seems to be flourescent..we dont get that further down south.

    Never saw a snake the whole time I was on the coast, must be because of the development explosion. I came to the coast in 1978....when it was still a quiet sleepy place and you could not go shopping without planning at least 2 hours to have coffee with all the friends you met or saw the rest of us in the coffee shop and joined in. They were wonderful times.

  5. I just love the pictures of where you live. The flora and fauna are so different from here. We don't have pythons for example. Rattlesnakes yes; pythons no. Such beautiful flowers. Again, gardenias wouldn't survive in any of the places I've ever lived. Although I think they will grow in the far south.

    Bailey always is entertaining. :-)

  6. Such beautiful surroundings.

    The snake really freaks me out. I once lived in the country in New Mexico and opened the screen door of my house to find a rattle snake on the concrete warming himself! Lesson - always look before stepping outside!

  7. I think the snake is kind of interesting. Now, if he were poisonous, I would definitely keep my distance - but it's fascinating (and kinda creepy) to see them slither.

    I agree with Michelle - your surrounding are so beautiful. I am completely unfamiliar with your tropical foliage, but I can try to imagine the smells.

  8. Oooh goody can I get a new one at Ikea as well?? Cool snake....definitely keep the fur babies inside!

    I did hit a kookaburra once by pure chance, he lay on the ground for a few seconds looking stunned then flew off and they still came back :-( I hate the baby magpies, they must drive their mothers demented with all that crying :-) Looking forward to seeing your wonky quilt one day!

  9. Forgot to say WOW...your Gardenias! That walkway must smell heavenly...my favourite flower. Was going to do them for FTF this week :-)


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