Sunday, October 31, 2010

A great weekend

Well I had a pretty good great weekend this weekend.

I won tickets to the Brisbane Wine and Food Festival for next weekend, thanks to  Kerry.  I very rarely if ever win anything so I was very pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Kerry to tell me that I had not only won tickets to the Festival but also tickets to the cupcake making class that is being held there.

I also got tickets, (I didn't win these), to Wicked,  they are as scarce as hen's teeth now, so I am very pleased with myself.

Working on the quilting of the wonky owls quilt. It's slow going and hard work, I'm working up a sweat, man-handling it around right angle corners, but it is going well. No photos as yet.

Last night I went to a Halloween party, very spooky and an interesting crowd.  Again no photos, I forgot to take my camera. How am I ever going to remember to take it anywhere!!!!! I like the idea of Halloween, it is only just starting to become more popular here, and this is the first time in about 5 years that I haven't held a Halloween party at my house. It was good to be able to go somewhere else and not have to worry about being the hostess, (and the tidying up afterwards).

I started a small HST quilt too this weekend, to practice, as I love the way there are so many patterns/ layouts you can make with them.  So far so good. I have used two and a bit charm packs of Fandango and used all of the charms that had either greens, blues or yellow. I left out all the warm colours,  -oranges, pinks, apricots. I've paired them with Bella solids Snow. The Bella Snow has quite a yellowish tinge which doesn't show in the photos, and I wanted to use it up as it doesn't go with much else in my stash.

A (small) pile ready to go

Another (small) pile ready to be cut to size.

I was am planning to do a small quilt, as after all this is a test run to see if I can cope and I don't spit the dummy like I did with the infamous snowball blocks. I had planned on 81 blocks - 9 x 9. I placed them all on some flannel on my "design cabinet".  Stood back, checked them all, rearranged a couple and then took them off row by row, keeping them in their rows by putting a numbered piece of paper from 1 to 9 on top of each pile, all looking good everything going ok, and............ I had one pile left over.  What the?  I counted again, although it was very obvious I did actually have 10 piles of blocks and I hadn't stuffed up my numbering. Apparently when I counted 81 blocks there were 91 blocks. I have absolutely no idea how I did it, but I did, and it wasn't the after affects of the Halloween party, thank you. At least I had more and not less, that would have been annoying. So now I am making a quilt with 90 blocks - 9 x 10.
This is the initial layout, it has pretty much stayed the same, just a couple of tweaks to fix some that were bothering me. 

They are all ready to be sewn together, but my machine didn't want to play nicely this morning, so I had to put the blocks aside. I'm going to speak nicely to it later and hope that it will be feeling more helpful. Maybe if I name my sewing machine it might just be a little more inclined to play nice. Now I have to think of a name that goes with Pfaff, that will be easy, HA!
I'm off now to come up with a short list of names, and go back to crocheting until it behaves.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend.


  1. Lovely refreshing colours, the quilt should be terrific. But tell me Marg what do you do with all these lovely quilts? Do you give them away or do you just have a pile of lovely quilts and you rotate the use of them around your house. There must be some very pleased lucky recipients out there if you give them away.

  2. Gosh ..where to start ?

    Congrats on winning the tickets to the cupcake festival. You could take me if I didnt live so far away because I LOVE cupcakes.

    Your HST quilt looks gorgeous. You knocked that together in aweekend before your machine decided to have a hissy fit -no wonder-it was exhausted. Hope you get it sorted out soon. I'm sure you recall my withdrawal when I was machineless in March.

    Sounds like the party was fun too! All in all your weekend beat my weekend. I did nada!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. Mine has been really dull, cleaning washing and ironing is about it. But oh so nice and toasty!

  4. Gee I do like that quilt, you achieved quite a lot over the weekend. congrats on the win and cupcakes as well. How lucky can you be.

  5. Ooh, I like the HST quilt!

    How about a German-sounding name for the Pfaff? (Are Pfaffs still German made/engineered?) Frieda? Frieda Pfaff sounds like someone who can be stubborn and needs to be talked nicely to from from time to time. That, and brought a little kuchen to sweeten her up. :)

  6. Congrats on the ticket win and also on getting tickets to Wicked. Our city wouldn't know what to do with theatre if someone said they would do it for free! I get so tired of living in a small town sometimes. I bet you will have fun at both.

    The quilt is lovely. I like the colors, so cool looking! They remeind me of sky and clouds.

    As far as your machine is concerned. I would be afraid to name it - what if it got really mad? Perhaps something like Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde.

  7. I'm reading backwards, catching up. Love our fandango quilt (and sorry your machine is now not playing nicely with the HST's). The colors are beautiful.

    Glad you enjoyed your Halloween party :D.

    xo -El


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