Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How would you like this as an early wake up call

How annoying is this!  This was as close as I could zoom in to him. He sits in a tree that is pretty much outside my bedroom window.  Fortunately this year, he hasn't been starting up at 4 am as in previous years, and he doesn't call all day.  I only captured a tiny bit of his call today, as he wasn't being very cooperative when I was trying to film him. It is a male Pacific Koel, a type of cuckoo, also known as a Rainbird or Stormbird as they are supposedly thought to signal the coming of rain. I am very grateful he is not here all year.

This photo is from Wikipedia


  1. Such a monotonous call too. If we get all the rain this year that they are predicting you'd better get used to him !!!

  2. I am your friend I am posting you a slingshot....

    I hope Jenni doesnt read this. I'm totally kidding Jenni!

    We have corellas at our house. Noisy.

    I would go insane with that noise outside my window in the morning. Now I know why you're up so early.

  3. Ouch - painful! Agree with Mrs P, go for the slingshot.

    The worst bird I ever heard was in a hotel once where there were lots of peacocks in gardens behind. Bloody things, I went right off them. I always thought they were so pretty but after two weeks I just wanted to ring their necks and take the feathers home to adorn the wall instead.

  4. It's probably easy for me to say, since we don't have birds like that here, but I rather enjoyed hearing him. However 4AM would definitely be too early.

  5. He is sort of angry looking. The sound is not too horrible, but I imagine after a while it would be.

  6. I missed this one! We have one that goes all night at the moment but luckily he is up in the top paddock so not keeping me awake. You can tell Mrs P I have no objection to a sling shot for the early morning wake up call, I used to have Kookaburra right outside the bedroom window and I did resort to the slingshot but do you know how hard it is to actually hit anything!!


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