Saturday, October 9, 2010


Last night it started raining quite heavily here.  I went to bed to the sound of heavy rain on the roof.  It has been pouring all night. I am a bit of a weather geek and have a couple of rain gauges including an electronic one.  Since midnight we have had 175mm of rain.  That is almost 7 inches of rain between midnight and  4.45am.
All I can say is thank god I live on a hill and we are used to heavy rain here.

The red dots just below Noosa are showing 235mm  (over 9 inches), 246mm, and 213mm as I am typing this. Thats a lot of rain.
If you are a weather geek and interested, here is the website with the latest update.

So far there has not been too much flooding as it is not unusual to have very heavy rain periods in this area. What is unusual is that it is normally dry this time of year.

The dam once it was light enough to take a photo, all the water lilies are underwater.


  1. thanks for the comment marge, that really made me chuckle, although man versus teen....hhmmmm not sure. Fiji looks wonderful, would you recommend it to daughter as part of her trip next year?

  2. If you're looking for your sun we apparently have it down south.

    About time we had a turn. I've gotten heartily sick of seeing you in T-Shirts all winter.

    On the positive side- you've got great crafting weather happening there. I'll expect to see some amazing creativity by the end of the weekend.

  3. That's A LOT of rain! I'm glad there's been no flooding. It certainly looks as if the potential is there. Hope it lets up soon.

  4. Wow it must have really been throwing it down. We have had continuous drizzle here but it has been lovely. I love the rain and those couple of days last week when it was hot were not good. I hate the heat and I'm not looking forward to Summer so as long as there are clouds around the temperature stays down.
    Hope it is raining tomorrow. I just feel like a lazy day watching tele and crocheting.

  5. I can relate to a weather nut....our business is fertilizer spreading so Billy is weather mad....i'll show him your map :-) He says that all the rain that Asia is getting is going to come down to us so get ready for a real wet season, lots of cyclones too! Oh Goody!!


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