Friday, June 10, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

This week my favourite thing is that I sorted out my fabric stash.

I bought some lots of Samla tubs from my favourite shop Ikea and used them to contain my ever growing stash of fabric that was threatening to take over every horizontal surface in the house.

These contain mostly half yards and fat quarters.
It took a few hours to contain it all, well most of it.  I have squeezed all my solids into the cupboard that most of these were in and I have a shelf in the study where I keep yardage (anything over a metre) and I also have a big plastic bin where I store my scraps.
I now know I have lots and lots of pink and yellow/greens, not very much purple and hardly any blue.

The cupboard isn't exactly tidy, but at least all my bits and pieces fit in here, solids, a couple of boxes of threads, and one of ribbons and notions, some doilies and boxes of fabric that I'm using in WIP's. I now have a nice clear side board in the dining area, and a spare bed that I can see.

Now I just have to find somewhere to store my ever growing piles of WIP's and UFO's.

As usual I'm linking up with Shay at  Quilting In My Pyjamas  who is hosting FTF. Check out all the other favourites this week.


  1. Oh I so want to go and play in all those boxes of fabric....they look so good. I am glad no one can see mine at the moment. Thank goodness for cupboard doors.Great FTF!

  2. That's a healthy looking stash you've got there! Did you find surprises that you'd forgotten about?

  3. I don't have many blues either. I wonder why that is. It might even be that blues get used - certainly a lack of blue in my stash isn't reflected in a lack of quilts containing blue.

    I really need to get around to doing this. It's all very nice having a free range fabric stash, until you need to find something.

  4. Love the colour organisation I see here - Fantastic Favourite. All the blues are at my house - I have every shade I am sure of it!

  5. I love your boxes and I love Ikea. The closest one to me is about 4 hours away, but every time I head to Tampa I am sure to stop in. Your stash is lovely and you hard work has inspired. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow, thats one hell of a stash!! Looks like pink might be a favourite :-)

  7. Good favorite! Nice to be done I'm sure. I went through mine this week (not much in comparison to yours) and realized that I need to figure out how to get organized so I know what I have. Any origanization tips?

  8. Have you heard the phrase 'She who dies with the most fabric wins"? It's going to be you.No contest.

    There's something utterly satisfying though about having tamed a fabric stash and knowing exactly what you have.

    Cant wait to see all the resultant creativity.

  9. Could you PLEASE come play with the fabric at my house? It desperately wants to be sorted and organized all pretty in bins like yours. ☺

    Fabulous favourite! Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! ☺

  10. I don't know why I don't have blues in my stash either. I suppose that most of the decor in houses these days is fairly neutral, other than the tropics. If I lived in the tropics, I'm sure my stash would be different.
    I'm like you Ikea is amazing place to shop.

  11. Wow, looks great! If you are lean on blues sounds like a good reason for some button pushing!

  12. Whoosh - that's a lot of stash - but so beautifully organised! I have no space in our house for major hoarding but if I did!....

    It will make life so much easier for you now that it's all sorted though guaranteed the fabric you want will be in the very bottom box lol. You are going to get very fit doing the box shuffle - but it will hopefully be a safer option for you than water aerobics :-)

    Have fun playing!

  13. I sorted all my fabric out in colour order a while back, i really need to do it again it just gets so messed up after a while. There is nothing as frustrating as not being able to find that particular piece of fabric! I know its around here somewhere!

    Its nice to have a clear sewing space but half the fun is in making a mess!


  14. Doesn't it feel wonderful to contain all the mess and get your table back :-) I do it and it seems to just come back!

  15. I just got home from visiting my first Ikea store in Frisco, Texas. As I was walking through, I kept thinking, now I know why this is one of Marg's favorite stores. :-)


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