Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I spent the weekend working on something that I can't show yet. This is as much as I can show you, as I don't want to spoil the surprise.
P1050502 - Version 2

And this
Raw edge applique

The rest of this week I've been trying to quilt Spice Boxes.

I started making it way back last year. When Julie came up to stay over Christmas, this was one of the quilts we basted. It's been sitting around for the last 6 months. Occasionally I pulled it out to try and work out how I wanted it quilted. I was originally going to hand quilt it but my obsessive compulsive side wanting perfect stitches took over. I know, pathetic, I really need to get over myself trying to be perfect, it's really annoying. Anyhoo I started machine quilting it, but I really wanted the quilting stitches to stand out so I used topstitch thread.  Apparently my Pfaff hates topstitch thread or more likely it hates me, at the moment I think I hate it more.
I have tried everything, changing the tension, re-threading, changing the bobbin, changing the stitch length, cleaning the machine, you name it I've done it.  It will sew beautifully for usually about half an hour, it lulls me into a false sense of well being, then, BAM, the tension goes supertight or really loose and I either end up with this on the back
and/or the machine overloads and stops working altogether for up to a few minutes. I'm sure thats not good!

I was contemplating unpicking the whole lot and starting again, but I'm more than half way and when it works, it looks ok. So I'm going to persevere with it, and just do it in short bursts.

Sometimes you can see the bobbin thread on top but it's only if you look really hard.

Oh and I finished my second Mystery Quilt block, apologies to those who have already seen this one.
Block from Week 3- Mystery Quilt.

I'm enjoying the link to Lee at Freshly Pieced. I've found some great blogs and lots of beautiful projects on the go.

 WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Mystery Quilt Quilt Along
2 blocks finished

Worked On This Week
My ........?....... Quilt
Spice Boxes - quilting

French Roses
Hugs N Kisses Tiggly WInks

Given Up On 
This month's monochromatic challenge - Indigo - I just didn't feel the love. 

Need to Finish Quilting
Spice Boxes
Jacobean Flower Mini Quilt
Don't Look Now cushion/mini quilt

Weeks Stats
New Projects -1
Completed -1
Working On (or pretending to work on but really ignoring them) - still at least 8

The Sylvia's Bridal Sampler book arrived this week, but I'm not starting it until I've finished a couple of these WIP's.


  1. Oh God, what a list!! You amaze me. I think I need to lie down after just reading it!
    PS. keep going with the quilting, it looks great

  2. Marg, this is exactly what my Pfaff machine does to me. ???? It is a mystery. It seems to do it after I have given it a good work out. Then, after a bit of a break, a re-threading, cleaning etc. it comes good again. Hope you can get the quilting done on the spice quilt because it is looking lovely so far. Di.

  3. The quilting looks great, sorry the machine is being uncooperative. Sometimes I think they have minds of their own and are punishing us for some perceived slight, like ignoring them for a week or some such thing. Well that sounds creepy doesn't it.

    At any rate, looks like lot of fun stuff going on. Your first project looks interesting, can't wait to see what it is.

  4. I really really like the spice box quilt! Keep going and go slow it is stunning! I love how you have incorporated an exotic theme into the topstitching. What a bugger that bunching up at the back frustrating! I just bought myself an old Singer this weekend in the table that should be able to sew thru anything once I replace the belt and have it serviced :-)

  5. Have you tried changing your needle for the tension issues? I read or heard this somewhere and it has worked for me.

  6. Have you tried changing your needle for the tension issues? I read or heard this somewhere and it has worked for me.

  7. Okay, first off, your Spice Boxes quilt was gorgeous to start with but I LOVE how you are quilting it! Just beautiful. It sets it off and just feeds right into the name!
    Now, I have to say when I saw what your machine was doing, I started having flashbacks and had to keep myself from hyperventilating! No, I don't sew with a Pfaff (I wish, Kenmore!) but I have seen that bunched up bobbin thread before...and I don't like it one bit. I hope it all works out because that quilt is going to be just lovely!

  8. The quilting on the spice boxes looks great , i love how you gave it that "middle eastern" style! Its a bugger the Pfaff wont play nicely though, hope it doesnt give you too much grief!

  9. I'm with everyone else about the beauty of your quilt and the motifs you're using in the quilting. It's going to be worth the struggle. Hopefully somebody will have ideas about getting the machine to cooperate!

  10. Your Spice Boxes quilt looks awesome! I love the quilting you've done so far. But, oof! That mess of thread on the back stresses me out! Good luck.

  11. Love the quilting on the spice boxes!

  12. OK so now I know what that top project is ...and I'll comment publically on your other post. You're in a world of trouble young lady!

    Im wondering if your machine doesnt like the thread . Any chance of changing the bottom thread to a finer quilting cotton? Spice Boxes really does look gorgeous.

    Despite your protests to me that you've done nothing much this week ..I think you've been quite busy. Your WIP list makes me feel faint!

  13. You might want to try topstitch or denim needles. I bought some microtex ones and they fixed a lot of thread issues with thicker thread.

  14. oops, meant to say that I love the quilt and fancy quilting and the thread is really great too.

  15. Ooh, tantalizing! A surprise. :-)

    The spice box quilt is just gorgeous. I'm sorry your Pfaff is being such a PIA about quilting it.

    You're moving right along on the mystery quilt.

  16. oh, yeah - all those sewing nightmares look familiar - I just don't have the patience or the creativity for quilting. I wish I did. I imagine it to be a very cathartic pursuit (when everything is working).

    You are very talented - love the red quilt pieces. I'm glad you're giving it another go.

  17. Wow! I'm in love with your quilting on Spice Boxes - how original and perfect. And I'm really liking the sneak peaks of the mystery project! Beautiful stuff, all of it. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  18. Hey, there again. :D I wondered if you might like to share your pretty Mystery block at today's BOMs AWAY linky party. Here's the URL if you would:


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