Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

I haven't really had that much time to spend in my pj's this week. I've had visitors and we have been busy sightseeing and going out. Not so much time to sit and do anything crafty. Which is actually very nice for a change.

The only things I've achieved this weekend.
Finished the first one.

I've finished piecing the very first flower. The first of many, how many will depend on my attention span.

All the pieces cut for the Floral Bouquet quilt.

All the pieces are now cut for the Floral Bouquet quilt from the Jelly Roll book. I still only have 11 blocks finished, but I've sewn some pieces together for the next 9 blocks, that's the pile on the lower left. They are also trimmed and pressed ready for the next stage.

Yesterday morning we went to the Eumundi Markets.
Eumundi Markets
Look, more beautiful blue sky, a little colder yesterday, especially early in the morning, it did warm up later.
We bought these.
It's strawberry season already here, in the middle of winter. Have I convinced you yet that this really is paradise?

We came back here for lunch and Bitchypoo cooked Prawn and Lemongrass Risotto, the recipe can be found here and we made a delicious salad, neither of which I remembered to take photos.
Last night we went out for dinner and drinks.

Today I was in my pj's until lunchtime, other than cutting the pieces for the block, I don't think I can handle sewing anything today. It would not have anything to do with any of the following, drinking champagne in the afternoon, going out for dinner, staying up talking until all hours of the morning, waking up when Bitchypoo came home from her night out.
This seems like a much better pass time. Note the pyjamas and the ugg boots.

 Bitchyoo is in on the pj thing this morning too.
Bailey took a fancy to the pom poms on her slippers.
I think they are in for a very short life.

Join in on the pyjama party linky fun. As usual, you don't really need to have been or be in your pyjamas, I'm not coming over to check on you.


  1. You've been having lots of fun in the sun! nice bit of uggboot action. I was going to link up but I've only just seen you on my blogroll.

  2. Okay, all linked up, Happy Pyjama Sunday!

  3. I won´t link up...cuase I didn´t have time for anything crafty..and yes you have cnvinced do live in paradies and one day I will come and see for my self...don´t now when..but one day.

  4. Look at that sunshine! Bit jealous...the wind is blowing something crazy down here.

  5. I was in my ugg's today too, the toes are feeling a bit crispy. 9 degrees for Cairns tomorrow morning so that will probably be in the minus for us on the tablelands. Brrrr... Strawberries....I've been waiting for them, so have the boys. We have a strawberry farm just down the road so we will be going picking in the school holidays. ( strawberry's are 40kms away, only a country Aussie would say that is just down the road!! LOL ) Looks like you had a great weekend Marg :-)

  6. I love your flower Marg, the fabrics are fab! I also love ugh boots and Bitchypoo's pom-poms. The cat is too cute playing with them. Strawberries - yummo!!!!

  7. The flower is looking gorgeous and the strawberries are delicious.

    I love to see people slacking about in their pyjamas.

    It looks like there was a lack of crafting generally this weekend. Lets make a pact to have a crafty weekend next week. Im suffering withdrawal.

  8. My uggboots have been seeing a fair bit of day light lately - unheard of really!

    Love those gorgeous blue skies and the strawberries look delicious!

    Nothing crafty happened here this weekend , im with Shay , i'll try and make up for it next weekend!

    have a great week Marg!


  9. Living in our slippers here on Sunday, Marg. The strawberries look absolutely deeeevine. The best ever strawberries I ever had came from around your area ...and.. I bought them at the Victoria Markets in Melbourne!!! Enjoy. Di.

  10. Love the flower! I've not seen that pattern before, would you share the source?

    Sounds like a fun weekend, even if the sewing was minimal.

  11. Hi from cold and wet Scotland - and it's our summer! Just had to leave a comment when I read you had been to Eumundi markets - was on holiday in Queensland back in '96 and loved those markets...........great memories.

  12. That star flower is fabulous! Always fun to see Bailey in action. :-)


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