Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

It's a long weekend here, so I have three days of being able to stay in my pj's. I think if I do that though you may have to call someone as I'll be turning into one of those hoarding cat ladies that never go out of their house.
I did actually shower and get dressed and went out unto the wide world yesterday. Not for very long as it was cold and wet and yucky (technical weather term).

Friday night and yesterday I cut the pieces for my Floral Bouquet quilt. I did a sample block ages ago, and decided to start on the rest of the blocks.
test block

I should have been doing one of these:

1. The pinwheel quilt - I need to finish the applique, embroider the stems, and sew it together.
2. The French Roses quilt.
3. The raw edge applique that I made a month ago needs to be quilted.
4. Spice Boxes- I need to finish the quilting.
There are more UFO's WIP's that I should be working on too.

All week those projects have been sitting there taunting me.  It's driving me crazy that I have all these things still sitting there without a finish, but I couldn't find even an ounce of motivation to pick up and work on any of them. That's why I started the Floral Bouquet blocks, now I have another WIP.

Blocks for Floral Bouquet

After spending a couple of a few hours today sewing the blocks and then cutting more of the 40 white jelly roll strips into tiny pieces, yuck, I had had enough and wandered around looking for something else to do.

I travelled from the 21st century back to the 19th century and found this
My first hexie

I had added an extra round of hexies a couple of weeks ago,

and turned it into this
Working on the hexagons.
Sorry the lighting is terrible on this photo. I only took it a few minutes ago.
It should look like the one above. Oh and I just noticed it's upside down too.  I was going to make it into a pillow, but as usual I think I'm going to change my mind and make it into a wall hanging. The rest of my evening will be spent hand sewing the hexies to the background.

As it's Sunday, it's time to join in Pyjama Party Sunday. Whether you're in your pj's or not, join in the fun and link up to share in the love of lazy pj weekends.
I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, especially everyone in Australia, with Queen's Birthday holiday tomorrow.  Yay for a long weekend.


  1. Lovely patchwork - I wish I could do that! How come we don't get a holiday for the Queen's birthday I wonder?! Mind you we have had our fill of holidays here in the past few weeks so can't really complain.

  2. I'm in my PJs! Though all I got time for today was the grand total of stitching closed two softies.... love your work!

  3. I would be like you Marg...there are so many wonderful ideas to try out and no time to do them. I do find that I have about 6 projects on the go with my knitting/crochet for the same reason. More likely the attention span of a gnat and too easily distracted. Starting is fun, finishing required time and dedication :-) Love all those quilts by the way and the hexi one is gorgeous. Reminds me of the one the ladies in the camps did. I won't be joining you with your linky this week, I am so unorganised and I went for a horse ride instead today :-)

  4. I didn't know what day it was because of the long weekend, oops, I'll try to link up tomorow. I love your flower block, and your hexies are beautiful. I like the little red bird flying around the flower.

  5. Fabulous Hexies. They look so perfect! Floral bouquet is lovely too. Were you trying to do a history of quilting through the ages in just one day>

    Variety is the spice of life. When you die someone will finish those WIP's for you.

  6. Love both projects, but the hexies are really cute.

    You'll find a reason to finish your other WIPs and then they will get done.

  7. Now there's a comforting thought from Shay lol.

    If the mojo's not flowing for a project then it's not... you'll finish them up I'm sure - when the motivation hits you.

    Love those hexies and floral blocks - I like the time travelling theme of this post :-)

    Happy holidays and pj day x

  8. Love the flower blocks- such wonderful colours!

  9. Don´t worry about your WIPs...they are the spices in your life.
    Love those floral blocks and the hexies remind me of about 400hexies waiting to be finished at this house (talking about WIPs)

  10. Lovely stitching...I'm still in my PJ's can't seem to get moving in this yukky weather....although I can see a little sun peeking through. I think I'll just go back to my Secret Santa Sack swap project.

  11. I love the colouring chosen for the new quilt. look forward to seeing more soon.

  12. Love the floral bouquet blocks , the colours are gorgeous! Dont worry about all your WIPs it just gives you lots of variety and then you will never be bored! (in theory anyway! )

  13. Love the floral bouquet blocks , the colours are gorgeous! Dont worry about all your WIPs it just gives you lots of variety and then you will never be bored! (in theory anyway! )

  14. Love the floral bouquet blocks , the colours are gorgeous! Dont worry about all your WIPs it just gives you lots of variety and then you will never be bored! (in theory anyway! )

  15. The hexies are fab, very nicely finished - you'll be admiring that one for a long time whether a pillow or hanging on the wall. Now, I really love that floral block, so could you please take it and put it at the top of you WIP pile? I would like to see that finished ASAP. K? Thanks!

  16. You've got such lovely projects in process. :-)

    So is your long weekend due to the Queen's birthday?


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