Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Not a lot has been happening around here over the last week, well not craftwise.  Friends from interstate meant lots of other things happened.  I did however make a block for Sheila's Mystery Quilt.
The first block from Sheila's Mystery Quilt

I have been oohing and aaahing over the blocks appearing on Flickr and thinking that they look so good maybe I should join in.
I'm trying to think outside the square, so to speak, and going a little out there with my fabric choices.

I'm combining Kaffe and batik.

I hope I'm not struck by lightning for doing it.

I also wanted to try something different with the background fabric so have picked a couple of white and black prints that are primarily white.

I may regret this or I may produce something amazing, we'll just have to wait and see.

My track record for joining in and staying the distance is, in a word - crap. The only think I have stayed the distance so far is the Monochromatic Challenge, and that's just because I only have to do a block a month. This month it's Indigo, and I'm just not feeling the love for this one and haven't started it or even thought about it yet. So I might not even do that one this month.
Blocks for Floral Bouquet
I've been finding a few minutes here and there to work on the Floral Bouquet blocks, a new name is needed for this one. No more finished blocks but I have nine more blocks that are almost finished. Then I'll be half way.

On to the second flower.
I've also started a second paper pieced flower. I'm not very fast with these, but it is nice to make them while sitting watching tv.

French Roses
I've been thinking about this quilt and pulled all the fabric out of the bag yesterday in the high hope of working on it to get it closer to completion.  The trouble with this one, I don't like the pieced border that is supposed to be the next border, I think it will be too busy as I've used a patterned background fabric instead of a solid,  and I'm not really sure how I want the next border to look, so procrastination has settled in. I don't want to purchase any more fabric for this one and I am going to have to piece a border at some stage. I might make the next border with the fabric I've used for the background in the blocks and then piece the outer border. Decisions, decisions.

I'm linking to Lee at Freshly Pieced as I like the way this is making me more aware of what is sitting in the - I don't really want to touch it pile. It's also really great to see what lots of other people are working on this week.
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Mystery Quilt Quilt Along
I block finished, need to catch up with another 4, I think.

Working On
Floral Bouquet
English paper piecing flowers

French Roses
Hugs N Kisses Tiggly Winks
Monochromatic Challenge - Indigo

Need to Finish Quilting
Spice Boxes
Jacobean Flower Mini Quilt
Don't Look Now cushion/mini quilt

Weeks Stats
New Projects - 1
Completed - 0
Working On or pretending to work on but really ignoring them -  at least 8

I also have my eye on starting a sampler quilt Sylvia's Bridal Sampler. I've ordered the book and am playing around with fabric in the meantime in readiness for it's arrival. I really need to add this to my projects, ha!


  1. Maybe use the bridal sampler as a carrot. No starting until you finish off 2 or 3 UFOs? I have to do this all the time otherwise things don't get finished around here.

  2. I think they all look lovely. My rule is if i finish something (even if I have 10 unfinished)I get to start something help am I!

  3. I love that last one! Maybe you are thinking too much. We all get in those funks with crafting where we don't know what to do next so we just don't do much at all. I say just jump right in and finish off whichever is easiest and go from there .. without thinking too hard. Just go for it! Have a great day. Tammy

  4. Welcoe to the Mystery QAL, never too late to join in and your first block is brill - if you have a look at my blog, my last post is all about UFOs...

  5. Oh my, all I posted today were new projects when I haven't finished anything! love yours! your flowers are precious!

  6. You are so lucky to have so many beautiful projects on the go. Those floral bouquets are wonderful, sort of like log cabin flowers. And your mystery block is so great, I love that you have put Kaffe with batiks. And I continue to adore the french roses - the right solution will come to you.

  7. Just discovered your blog via the Freshly Pieced linky...your post made me laugh a few times. :) Your floral bouquet blocks are beautiful.

  8. Oh what a beautiful post full of happy flowers! Just lovely!

  9. I love your block!! It's got oomph! I love your tulip flower quilt, awesome fabrics! I love your roses, they're so pretty!! I hope the border solution comes to you, I'm know you'll think of something. I'm not brave enough to list my WIP's, you get points for doing that.

  10. Ok Ok where to start with this project filled post?

    I love the colours and fabrics you've used in your mystery quiltalong block and the bouquet of flowers are coming along splendidly.

    I was wondering what had happened to French Roses. Reckon you'll make a decision and finish that one off?

    We all have WIP's - take heart - you dont have the highest number I've seen by a long shot and what you are working on is all gorgeous.

  11. I'm very partial to white and black fabric, so I'm betting on "spectacular".

    Your floral bouquet blocks are simply awesome.

  12. Golly, you have a lot on your plate at the moment.

  13. Wow, beautiful projects! Love the black and white with the red for the mystery quilt. The Floral Bouquet blocks are gorgeous.

    If you really want/need to get a finish, try picking one project and commit to working on it for a few minutes before you work on what you really want to tackle. It's slow, but it helped me finish up a few projects that were dragging.

  14. I would be too scared to list all my WIP's!! I think your floral bouquet looks like Tulips and every time I see it I have that song Tulips from Amsterdam going thru my head if that is any help...I think it is going to look awesome as well :-)

  15. Love the colors in your mystery block, great combination!


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