Friday, July 1, 2011

Friendly Vegetables

It's arrived safe and sound, no need to show any more sneak peeks.
Vegetable mini quilt
I'm not sure whether I need to say anymore. If you are not sure what on earth I'm referring to you may need to go read this post.  Scroll down towards the end of it.  Go on, I'll wait here.

At the time I was just joking around, but I thought about it and decided why not? I started it on Friday afternoon and worked on it over the weekend.

So here it is. The colours below are more true than the first photo.

Sorry the pics aren't the best as I almost forgot to take them before I sent it off to it's new place of residence.

The pattern is from  Purl Soho, it's so darn cute I just couldn't resist, I think I'll make one for myself too.


  1. Very cute! I would never have guessed from the previous post, I was thinking "bunny ears"!

  2. LMFAO!!! Brilliant Marg, did Shay get a laugh out of it? Its beautifully done too :-)

    Maybe that's why Lucy is being naughty?? She is probably starving by now and thought she could eat the vegetables!!

  3. Those veges are just so cute and fun!! How big is it?

  4. Its gorgeous Marg, i bet she loves it!


  5. Awww it looks great! I hope you included a crochet carrot too :o)

    Shay will love it!

  6. Fantastic job, love it, as I'm sure does the recipient! Great use of a weekend. Am absolutely loving the quilting on the spice quilt too, keep at it, it's going to be a beauty!

  7. That is absolutely fab! I love it!

  8. Jen, I opened it and laughed my butt off. Almost wet my undies I was laughing so hard!

    I love it- the joke is on me. At least now I'll always have vegetables in my kitchen....

    In all honesty though-it's gorgeous and the perfect gift for a carnivore!

    I have the best friends....

  9. Marg, you did a wonderful job on this. I love this little quilt and I knew Shay would love it also! You are a great friend!

  10. Those are very cute vegetables!

  11. so ironically perfect, Marg! Great job. I love the turquoise and brown together - two of my faves!


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