Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

I'm feeling a little sorry for myself this weekend. I spent all day Saturday in my pj's which would normally be a sign of very crafty things happening here. However I had a crappity crap moment on Friday night, I twisted my knee. (It wasn't because I was up all night partying and dancing on tables, if I had done it doing that I would be impressed, not feeling sorry for myself!!!!) I think I've torn a ligament, I have to go see a physio tomorrow to determine exactly what is wrong with it. It's possibly from an old basketball injury when I tore a ligament in that knee (which kept me on crutches), that happened umm, hmm, let's say it was a long time ago.  See exercise is bad for you. If I hadn't been fit and played basketball back then I wouldn't be like this now, lol!

My sports related injury bwah ha ha,  has meant I spent all day in bed trying to rest it and keep the swelling to a minimum. I couldn't have picked a better day to stay in bed as the weather was horrible - wet, grey and cold.
Fortunately for me I had a bit of hand sewing I could do to keep me occupied, and also Gone With The Wind was on satellite TV which kept me amused, boy that is a looooong movie.
I had cut out the pieces for a trial Amitie Circle Game block so I spent most of the afternoon doing that. I'm really really pleased I did a trial block, as I had hardly done any hand piecing before and never curved piecing nor a circular block.  Although about half way through I was thinking, yuck, I have to do this all again.  I think I've worked out how to do it better next time, hopefully I'll start working on the proper block this week.

This morning I was feeling a little better,  I worked at the sewing machine for 3/4 hour and sewed the bows to the boxes on the Flurry Quilt. Sorry no current photos.
Layer cake cut  and sewn for quilt along

I also finished another EPP star/flower and tried out some pieces to connect the flowers.

I had a big weekend planned, working on some of my projects but the universe had other plans.  It feels good to have been able to work on the hand sewing, so even though I didn't finish the quantity of work I had planned, I'm really pleased with what I did accomplish.
I'm now hobbling around, and as long as I don't straighten my leg or go down stairs it's not too bad.  I'll be back to training for triathlons walking normally soon.

If you'd like to show what you've been doing this weekend, please link up with Mr Linky below, and grab the code for the button up on the top of my sidebar.

Remember pyjamas are optional. 


  1. I love that saying...Crappity Crap, just says it all doesn't it. I hope your knee gets better soon, I have the same thing with a hockey knee, if I forget and kneel on the floor it plays up for ages. Knees are not fun :-( that circle looks very complicated!

  2. Ooh! I so hope your knee is nothing serious and you're up and about very soon.

    Still looks as though you were very productive this week. Happy Sunday night!

    PS...I've only watched Gone with the Wind from start to finish once. I either fall asleep or get interuppted. It IS long. ☺

  3. Hey Marg, hope your knee is OK. I wanted to join in the pyjama party because i spent ALL day yesterday in them but ive got no photos to share. Might get some tomorrow and link up if thats OK. Look after your knee!


  4. PS i love your circle block, boy that looks tricky!

  5. Marg,
    I'm so sorry you hurt your knee. I hope you are back at full speed soon. Love the projects you are working on!

  6. Yikes! So sorry to hear about your knee. I HOPE it's not a torn ligament.

    That circular swirl block is just fascinating. Very cool!

    Looks like your other hand projects are coming along nicely too.

  7. Lots of pretties to show! Lovely! I especially love the flower with its hexagon centre! And as for bad knees, that is one thing I've avoided by riding a bike! LOL! My back says other things!!

  8. Poor Marg! Crappy knee. At least it meant you started your circle game quilt. I love the test block. And I love your hexi joining diamond, that black dotty fabric looks awesome! Good luck with the leg! Hope it dosent need amputating.

  9. The Kaffe Prints in that block look beautiful!

    Gone with the Wind is one of my favourite movies/books of all time. I've just finished reading the book for about the 10th time.

    You've been so busy- further reinforcing my thought that I am a complete slackarse...Love the flurry blocks.

    Rest up with that knee my friend. Excersize can be lethal!

  10. It's very late so I've just popped by very quickly to link but I shall be back tomorrow to read and comment properly.

    Lots of hugs,
    Shell x

  11. I did the same thing last year only I thought I was a mountain goat, and ended up in a brace for weeks.
    You are very brave to have achieved what you did while stitching through the pain you must have been feeling. I like the results, but then I like all your work.
    Get better soon.

  12. Your circle game is looking very nice - can't you just use the practice block? It did after all turn out beautifully.
    Lovely packages you are making.
    Hope the knee is behaving better soon - nothing worse and yes exercise is dangerous.

  13. Ive joined the party albeit a bit late! Hows the knee today?


  14. Hope the knee is feeling better, I hate it when illness/injury ruins weekend sewing plans, it does make for a crappity crappy day. Love your Flurry blocks (I'm still cutting fabric). The circle block is quite impressive!

  15. Oh Marg - your poor knee :-( although a day in bed sounds great fun, it's not if you're in pain. I'm yet to check out your 'today's post' to see how you're feeling...

    I have to say all of your hand piecing looks absolutely wonderful - so even though you didn't get to work on as many projects as you would like, I think you can be very pleased with what you did achieve.

    Rest up that poorly knee x

    Love Shell

  16. So sorry to hear of your knee!!
    I love all the hand piecing you've done though. I wish I had the patience!

    PS I keep forgetting to link. Doh...


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