Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bastille Day - France

Today, the 14th July is Bastille Day in France.
In honour of the day I've searched through my photos from a couple of years ago taken on travels to France. Some are from a trip in January and others were taken in late September.

This is my absolute favourite photo from Paris, Bitchypoo skipping down the street in the rain.

Don't you just love those blue and white umbrellas, oh to be sitting there right now.
I love the quirky old paths in the small towns, so many things to see just around the corner out of sight.

Paris, the view from the top.

Notre Dame

On Saturday the 16th July the Brisbane French Festival will be held in Brisbane at Southbank Parklands in honour of Bastille Day.  I went last year, the inaugural year, and it was buzzing. So many people and so many interesting things to see. It was apparently the biggest French festival in Australia.


  1. I love Paris, I've only actually been twice, once to Paris and the other time to Euro Disney (which doesn't really count as we didn't really see any of Paris). Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

  2. Paris is my very favourite city, I love it and I may have to check out that festival on Saturday. great pics. ahhh

  3. Great photos, Marg! You should enlarge the skipping one. It would look great on canvas! ☺

    Joyeux Quatorze Juillet!

  4. I was hoping the baby would come today but it doesn't seem likely, so no Bastille Baby for me :(. I couldn't be bothered posting today - we are watching the Tour de France live and enjoying the public holiday!

  5. I've enjoyed Bastille Day in Avignon which was abuzz with an arts festival! Greta fun! (Hold off on that baby Kirsty - we are catching up for coffee tomorrow! LOL!)

  6. I love your photos Marg. Viva la baguette!

    Mr P has promised me that we will be spending our 10th anniversary in Paris....

  7. First Suz, now you! All these wonderful photos are making want to go to France. I went a few years ago but only saw a little bit. The photo of BP skipping is really fun!

  8. Such nice photos! Love those umbrellas & I'm with Rachael... totally making me want to visit!

  9. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing! France is on my 'someday' list.

    xo -E

  10. I love that photo of BP too! Paris...I love Paris :-)


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