Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday

This week a couple of projects are one step closer to being finished.
I finished all 39 of the flower blocks in the jelly roll quilt. I still need to cut the setting triangles and then sew it together. To sew it together I need to put up my temporary design wall, which fell down last week. Painters masking tape just doesn't hold for long enough and is not necessarily cat proof!

Floral bouquet blocks
A pic that I took when I was half way through. I'm really happy with these, such pretty colours. I started off with a Leanika roll and added other fabrics, some from other Dena Design ranges and also a couple of Joel Dewberry's, a Kaffe print and some other scraps in my stash.
I would like some ideas on how to quilt this one. I don't want to do stippling/meandering and I haven't been quilting long enough to do any fancy patterns. If I was to straight line quilt, where should I quilt? The alternative is to hand quilt around each block in perle thread, or I could do a combination of the two. Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated.


Yay, I finished sewing in the ends of the Spice Boxes quilting threads, despite my cat trying to stop me ( see last post). It's now all squared up and ready for binding.  Not a great pic.

I also pieced the boxes in the Flurry quilt, not without problems. I cut two of the box pieces and a couple of pieces for the ribbon too small. Fortunately I had lots of left over fabric so I was able to make a couple more boxes to replace those. It was a little frustrating as the pieces that I cut too small were two of the prettier fabrics, sigh!

Mystery Quilt Blocks 2 & 4
Lastly I finished two more star blocks for Sheila's Mystery Quilt QAL. I'm slowly catching up, which isn't bad as I started roughly a month after every one else.

Mystery Quilt Blocks
These are all the blocks I've made so far and I'm very pleased with them. Very bright and tropical and I still haven't been struck by lightning for mixing batik and Kaffe prints.    I'm not going overboard with the batik as the Kaffe prints need to stand out, but I think they are really working well together.

I haven't started the block for The Circle Game BOM yet. I'm psyching myself up to do it, lol!

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Worked On This Week
Floral bouquet blocks - finished piecing
Spice Boxes - finished quilting
Xmas Flurry Quilt - boxes pieced
Mystery Quilt - 2 blocks
Picked out the fabrics for the blue Monochromatic block this month.

Sitting on the Sidelines
English paper piecing
Circle Game  BOM block 1

Still Procrastinating
Tiggly Winks - applique
Plume Quilt - make backing
Jacobean Flower mini quilt - quilt
Don't Look Now cushion/mini quilt - quilt this is getting close to being a UFO

Weeks Statistics
New Project - 0
Completed - 0
Working On - (or pretending to work on but really ignoring them) - 10ish
Really Worked On - 5


  1. Oh, my. Very productive. Is it really Wednesday already? Where has the week gone. I love the blocks for the Mystery Quilt QAL -- I think they are beautiful!

  2. I think with the fresh looking spring quilt i would keep the quilting minimal, maybe stitch in the ditch of each block and do a line in the middle of each flower petal in a big stitch with a varigated perle thread. Something simple but effective. Love your blocks and the finished quilt.

    Just a thought.

    Adele xx

  3. Wow Marg I am tired just thinking about how much you have done this week and its only hump day. well done.

  4. I love all the projects you have shown here Marg. I have to agree the KF fabrics look fantastic with the batiks. The mystery blocks are vibrant and gorgeous too.

  5. Woo Hoo you are on a roll!! Next to my quilty friends I feel quite a slackarse ;-)

  6. Congrats! You've had a great week, and your projects are gorgeous! I love seeing your flower blocks! I have a bliss jelly roll that I'm dying to use for that quilt. Yours is beautiful!

  7. You could do a mix of hand and machine on the flowers - maybe machine either side of the block seam to hold it all together, then use some contrasting perle to accent the flowers in some way? It's going to look fab!

  8. Beautiful things on your post. I really love those stars with the Kaffe fabrics.

  9. You've been busy! I love your flower blocks, still love your spice boxes too. I can't wait to see where those Flurry blocks end up. That mystery quilt is going to be amazing!

  10. Flower quilt is looking good. No idea how to quilt it mind! Everyone seems to be turning to hand quilting, when I've only just discovered machine quilting! I'll catch up later.

  11. I really like the floral bouquet blocks - and your cat comments made me laugh. We're going to have a puppy around here shortly so I have it all to look forward to!

  12. What beautiful things you are working on! The QAL with batiks and Kaffe (and polka dots--yay!!) is fabulous!

  13. Good Grief girl - you're a lean mean sewing machine this week.

    The floral bouquet blocks look wonderful. I think they'd look gorgeous outline quilted...

    The Mystery QAL blocks look darling too especially those bottom two!

    And I know you're going to be glad to see the back of Spice Boxes but honetly I think you've done an kick arse job on that . I bet by the time you've washed it and crinkled it you're going to LOVE it!

    Im very proud of you for all you've got done this week ...and it makes me feel even worse about what I havent got done!

  14. I love the flower quilt!! I wont give any quilting advice because that my weak spot. I really like the way you quilted fancy corners on the spice boxes, I didn't notice that the other day. It really suits the theme. You've been busy!! Watch out for flying cats!

  15. Oh, how funny! (I'm giggling about Lulu's attack.) Those flowers sure are gorgeous. That's going to be a fantabulous quilt.

  16. My oh my, Marg! How ever do you work on so many projects at once? I'd get everything jumbled and stitch the wrong fabrics together. The flowers are beautiful. I cut one of my gift boxes too big. Guess that's okay, since it was the box part and not the ribbon part. Excellent job this week! Happy Thursday! ☺

  17. Your flowers blocks are beautiful. What about a large cross hatch for quilting. About the same size as the center of the flower?

  18. The floral bouquet quilt is beautiful, and good luck on choosing the quilting pattern. Take some transluscent paper, lay over the top and sketch out some designs. You'll know in a minute if you like them. I agree that with all the points on the flowers, you may want to go easier on the quilting, but a large stipple may yet be a nice contrast to those flowery angles. Good luck!

    Elizabeth E.

  19. Loving the floral bouquets, such pretty colours. How about machine quilting around the blocks and hand quilting around the flowers. Whatever you do will be lovely!


  20. The floral bouquet blocks look gorgeous! Spice boxes looks great. Love your fabrics for the Flurr quilt. One of these days I'll get all my fabric cut!

  21. Your flower quilt is so pretty....reminds me...come on spring!!!!

  22. Love the flower quilt! Yay on the wonderful progress on Spice Boxes. And the mystery quilt is shaping up nicely. :-)

  23. LOVE the black-and-white dot background on those star blocks - it sets off the prints so nicely! And your flower quilt is so bright and fun. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  24. That flower quilt is wonderful! I think a combination of machine and hand quilting would be great. Maybe machine quilt along the the white diagonals and then highlight the flowers with some hand quilting? I also just love your Mystery Quilt blocks!

  25. I was about to say the same as Leanne... how bout some straight line quilting along all the white columns both horizontally and vertically so you get some square grids happening on the intercepts the some hand quilting around the flowers? I think a combination would look fab anyway!
    I'm also not as fancy as I'd like with my free motion. But unlike you I can't (yet) hand quilt. So I would favour you doing that simply because I can't and I'd love to see what you do. Selfish hey! Lol...

  26. You do the most beautiful work. Love those stars and the jellyroll flowers and everything else you showed!

    So much quilting fun all in one place! I can hardly stand it!

    xo -E


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