Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pyjama Party Sunday

Last night I was all cosy in my pyjamas ready to finish sewing in the ends on the Spice boxes quilt. I had a nice quiet evening planned after being so social the last few. I sat down in my nice comfy chair to watch TV and finish the last few blocks. I was sitting there quietly concentrating on threading the needle, minding my own business, when all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, I saw something hurtling toward me.  Next thing I know, I have a cat attached to my head. It gave me such a fright. I looked like Donald Trump having a really bad hair day.  How would you like a cat clinging to the side of your head? 
All I can say, I'm very lucky it was 2 kilo Lulu and not 7kg Bailey.  I'm not sure who was more shocked Lulu or me, Lulu is still alive although I think she might be deaf from the amount of screaming and cursing I hurled at her as I chased her around the house. Hopefully that will make her decide that it was not such a good idea to do that. 

The culprit

She has never ever done anything like that before,  I'm hoping she was playing with Bailey and misjudged her death defying leap from the other side of the room, and unfortunately my head was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Well I hope that's right, otherwise I'm not going to be able to sleep for the next few weeks wondering what other plans she has in store for me.  

This morning in my pyjamas, I left Spice boxes alone and worked on finishing the last of the Floral Bouquet blocks.

39 blocks all done!!!!!

Some of the Spice Boxes blocks. I used bamboo batting and it has left a LOT of fluff, which you can see on the darker fabrics. I've already brushed the fluff off a few times, once it's bound and quilted it doesn't shed.

I sewed these blocks yesterday morning, again in my pj's, before I had to go out. Sorry no photos yet. I still have to cut the background fabric.

This afternoon I set up a High Tea out on the verandah. I was not in my pyjamas for that, I do have some standards. You can read about and see pics in my last post.

A very much more productive weekend. I hope everyone had/is having a great Sunday. Please join in below, grab the linky button, you can find it on my side bar, and share in the joy of Pyjama Party Sunday.

Remember PJ's are optional!


  1. I love your floral bouquet blocks! Pink and green is such a wonderful combination.

  2. sorry but the picture in my mind of a cat clinging to the side of your head is so funny. I to had a Lhasa Apso and he lived to the ripe old age of 19 and i miss him everyday, even though he was a nasty bitey dog when things didn't suit him crunch one bitten hand but i loved him.

    Love your current quilt so fresh and spring looking.

    Adele just down the road from you in Maryborough QLD ;)

  3. You're so funny Marg, though I don't think you were trying to be ;0) Donald Trump only ever has bad hair days lol. I can just imagine.

    Your blocks are looking wonderful and thanks for hosting pj party. Hope you slept well.
    Love Shell x

  4. Blogger just lost my comment, I *think*.

    Your two projects are coming along wonderfully!

    As for Lulu..., Charley used to do the sneak attack thing with me. As there were no other cats in the house, I knew I was the intended target. He'd box my ears from behind as I sat at my desk.

  5. How weird that Lulu jumped on you like that! Maybe you had a mouse sitting on your head! Lovely quiltiness! I hate the way batting fluffs over everything when your quilting.

  6. I wont be able to think of you again Marg without picturing a cat attached to the side of your head LOL!

    Those floral bouquets are so sweet!


  7. Aha! It looks like all my training with Lulu finally paid off!

    I know it cant be pleasant to peel a cat off your head but your description of it had me rolling around on the floor. (both times)

    Now onto your quilting prowess...

    The floral bouquet blocks look fantastic. That quilt is going to look amazing when you get it together. Onwards and upwards with Spice boxes. That quilt really is a labour of love (or hate depending on the day )

    No linkup from me for Sunday this week. All I did was play with Little P and go out for dinner. Normal commenting and posting should resume this week !

  8. The floral bouquet blocks look great.

    I'm still cutting fabric for the flurry blocks. Looks like you've got that part done.

    Hope LuLu has gotten over her head fetish!

  9. can't believed the cat attacked you .. hope you've recovered. the Floral Bouquet block is really nice -- congratulations on the finish! The flurry blocks are going to be beautiful ..

  10. That cat looks way to pleased with herself if you ask me. LOL! I love your Floral Bouquet block....this will be a stunning quilt when done.

  11. Certainly is the weather for staying in your pj's!! Your floral bouquet blocks are coming on beautifully. Lulu certainly has a decent set of choppers on her (judging by the photo) - just lucky she didn't sink them into your head while she was there. It sounds funny now, but it must have given you a fright at the time! We still love them tho:-)

  12. Yes having the cat clinging to your head would tend to put you off quilting :-) I wonder why she did that, Bailey must have scared her and like you said she misjudged....either that or their was a crawly and she just went for it?? I shudder to think ;-)

  13. I also like to think Lulu thought she was saving you from a spider or something. If she starts spiking your tea or tripping you down the stairs you know you have a problem.
    Love the flower blocks (as you know) they just look so happy and bright. And the Spice is going great guns, will be finished in no time (barring cat assassination of course).

  14. that picture of those ferocious fangs is downright wicked!

    Glad you both survived whatever was going on!!!

    hope you can relax a little this week after all of your partying :)

  15. LOL gotta love cats!
    Looks like you've been very productive. I do love the colours of the floral bouquet so much! Just catching up on my reading this morning so sorry if I bomb your inbox! :)


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