Friday, July 22, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

This week my favourite thing absolutely has to be birthdays.

I wonder why?

Let's see.


A shower cap, love the fabric


A beautiful day in the middle of winter

Lovely views with a celebratory coffee glass of champagne, and sunlight sparkling on the water

Dinner with family, oops no pics.
(If you are ever in Noosa the food here is superb.)

Well wishes from lots of friends.

Mucking around with BP taking photos with photo booth on the computer, and thinking, gee, I don't look too bad.
Two are not necessarily better than one.

More celebrations with friends to look forward to this weekend.

More balloons

Oh crappity crap, it's back to front, lol.

 Life's good.

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  1. Look at you ! Youre gorgeous Marg, Happy Birthday and enjoy your weekend!


  2. Happy birthday to You!! Happy Birthday to YOU, HappPPPppYYYY BirrrrthdaaaaYYY DeaRr MarrrrRGG! Happyyy BirrrrTHDaaay Toooo Youuuu!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! There you go, sung in my very best singing voice! I love that photo of you and you! And all the purple theme birthday things but best of all I love your pom pom furry boots, that's what I call style!!

  3. Definitely birthdays are the best!! Happy Birthday to you Marg, I hope you have a fabulous weekend :-) Love the balloons and that purple shower cap.....I want one (how sad am I!) or am I just showing my age?? The photo of you is Great! xx

  4. Happy Birthday Marg, you gorgeous thing!!! Great photos .... and no you look great!
    Hope you had a lovely day.

  5. Look at you!! You look awesome..Happy Birthday on your 25th. Way to go...and wait til your as old as I am...:-))

  6. Happy birthday. love your blog header makes me feel warm for the first time in about 2 months. I love birthdays too even though it means getting a year older. specially love dinner out with the girls where we spoil each other rotten with lovely handmade / well thought out presents.

  7. Birthdays are the best! Sounds like you had a great one!

  8. Happy 25th! I was 25 this year too! It's a very good age to be. Have a great weekend - play that "birthday girl" card for as long as possible!

  9. Happy birthday!! Let's have a coffee, or a champagne next week to celebrate!!! One big celebration!

  10. Happy Birthday! Love how you made yourself look like twins :)

    You are a great looking 25!

  11. Oooh Happy Birthday! Looks like you're having a fabulous one. I hope it continues all week!! :D

    Damn those balloons being backwards!

  12. Happy birthday! I love rainbow wrapping paper.

  13. Happy Birthday! I love them too.

  14. Happy Birthday Marg! Gotta love a reason to party! ..... and at 50, we get to start counting backwards!

  15. Happy Birthday! You know you could switch those ballons up and no one would be the wiser!

  16. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you've had a wonderful week, hope the knee is improving now. Enjoy your celebrations!

  17. Happy Birthday my friend. Now if only your slack arse blog buddy can get her act together to send you a birthday present your life will be complete.

    I love those balloons. Cant believe you're 25! You dont look a day over 20.

    When did you have your hair done? It looks awesome!

    Im glad you had a terrific day with more fun to come!

  18. Happy Birthday to you hope you have a great time over the weekend with friends and family over good food and drinks and lovely conversations added.

    Have a glass or two of champagne for me (hick,hick)

    Adele xx

  19. Looking good girl for a 25year old, maturity and youth what a combination. Happy birthday Marg hope you had a great day. Love the purple balloons I had a good chuckle you write so well.

  20. Happy Birthday Marg! Love the shower cap fabric .. and the boots .. and the balloons. And a beautiful day! Love the picture of you -- you look terrific. Maybe 25 isn't so bad after all.

  21. Many, many Happies, Marg....didn't know you were a July girl too! At least you can switch your numbers to something respectable...mine are worse...85????

  22. Perfect favourite and excuse to enjoy your week.
    Happy day and happy year to you. Wishing you a good one.

  23. awwww, Happy Birthday, Marg!!!!!!!

    Great picture - you are gorgeous!

  24. Happy Belated Birthday Marg!!!!!

  25. Looks like you had a great birthday. so....... happy birthday Stacey

  26. Btw - you look fabulous... Both of you!


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