Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday Night Sew In

Last night  as usual I had grand plans to get lots and lots done. I don't know why I keep on thinking that is going to happen, it never does. Maybe one day I'll surprise myself with lots of progress instead of being surprised that I don't achieve much.

I started early, in hindsight that was good, otherwise I would have absolutely nothing to show. At all.

I started sewing the extra blocks for French Roses as I could see the finish line for this project, admittedly on the horizon, a long long way away but it was looking feasible for a finish this week. Until I realised I had cut 10 blocks  1/2 inch too small. That's 10 blocks - background, backing and batting.  Really great when I don't have enough fabric to cut another 10, I don't even think I have enough to cut another 4. Anyway, as it's a quilt as you go, and was originally using a 1/2 inch seam, I'm going to fudge it and use a 1/4 inch seam and cross fingers toes and eyes and hope it works.

After doing one of those blocks I decided it was too depressing to continue so I changed projects and worked on the Flurry Quilt.

By this time I was starting to fade. I was a little very tired after  being woken up at 3.45am by a wet nose in my face,  not the best way to start the day.
Owner of the wet nose.

I sewed the sashing between the blocks and one row of sashing below the first row of boxes.

All laid out on my "design bed" as my temporary design wall fell down a week or two ago and I haven't put it back up again.

Flurry quilt on my "design bed"
I'm enjoying making this one so will hopefully get much more done over the rest of the weekend.

This is where I finished on Friday night.

I really do hope everyone else was far more productive than I was.

Take a look over  here and see where people actually were productive last night.


  1. Sorry about the French Roses being the wrong size -- how frustrating, disappointing ... but the Flurry Quilt is amazing. I love it.

  2. Bummer bout the french roses ive got some of that fabric if you need more - just thinking could you put a small border around these blocks and disperse throughout the quilt? Youve probably got all the other blocks sewn together already? Loving the Flurry!


  3. You DID get a lot done..cutting up all those pieces for the rose blocks and sewing on the sashing on the x-mas quilt plus working on the flurry quilt is A LOT!!!
    I keep my fingers and toes crossed too...maybe it helps and you cn rescue those rose blocks.

  4. Smaller seams should work on those pretty flower blocks.
    Love the presents they are looking amazing.
    My Friday night went completely awol.

  5. I thought of borders too around the smaller blocks - make it into a design opportunity?
    Love the boxes - what a super quilt......and love that puss, we had one who used to paw at your nose to wake you up, they do own us don't they?

  6. Don't despair about the lovely rose quilt. You'll work out a way to fix it - or one of the other quilting geniuses will!! I think your plan sounds feasible.
    The Fluuy quilt is going to be spectacular!
    PS. Hope your knee is a bit better

  7. The Christmas presents quilt is going to be lovely- so fresh and clean! And don't be so hard on yourself- at the end of a week I normally can't manage more than 'thinking about' sewing!

  8. I bombed totally- but you didnt!
    Well done on all that crafty activity for FNSI.

  9. Cutting mistakes are so frustrating! If the quarter inch seams don't work, I like Melissa's idea of putting a small border on them.

    The Flurry quilt is fun - shows of the prints really well.

  10. I think you need to rethink your idea of not accomplishing a lot...I'd say you got quite a lot done!

    I'm sorry things didn't work out for your rose blocks, but I'm positive you'll get it worked out! They are lovely!

    I am in love with your Christmas quilt! That fabric line is one of my absolute favorites!

  11. You always talk about not getting much done ~ but you do A LOT! All of those blocks are stupendous, but I am especially partial to those that look like presents. :-)

    Maybe one day I'll get to quilt again.

    How's your knee?

  12. Marg you are not alone with cutting mistakes I am sure. I know with your talent you will be able to fix it. This is going to be a beautiful quilt.

    I dont suppose the birthday celebrations had anything to do with a fuzzy brain :)te he.

    The presents quilt is looking good.

  13. Bloody bugger about the rose blocks!! I'll cross all my fingers for you too. I really love the flurry quilt!!

  14. Oh crappity crap!!! Hope it works out for you Marg that is so frustrating. Love your xmas quilt, it is such a lovely idea the presents :-) Nice Kitty....mine just yells in my ear!

  15. I think animals must officially cause more lack of sleep than babies - I know ours do! I absolutely love your flurry quilt and I hope you get your flower blocks sorted x

  16. Hmmmmmmm, maybe the furry person was waking you up ealry so you could work on your French Roses?? Looking forward to seeing it finished!!

  17. Sorry about the spelling of "early" - oops

  18. Sorry about the Rose blocks, hopefully your strategy will work out. Love your Flurry blocks.


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