Thursday, August 5, 2010

Having fun

Some more wonky log cabin blocks. I am really enjoying making these, I can even see me attempting to make a queen size quilt with lots of these blocks. 
Better not get too far ahead of myself, for now I am just going to enjoy the process and see how far I can go.

Crochet is on the back burner at the moment as my wrist is hurting, not sure whether it's because of crocheting, or more likely too much time spent on the computer.


  1. Those blocks don't look wonky to me they look great. Love the colour combination. As a new quilter it the colour combinations I have the most difficulty with.
    I spotted an advert for a "bonded leather " sofa on the weekend. These people selling this rubbish don't know the power of word of mouth!

  2. I love wonky log cabins blocks. So easy to do nd no worrying about getting everything perfect. YOu can just enjoy making them.

  3. Wonderful! I love the one with the little bird in the middle.

  4. These look really great. I, too, love the little bird. For some strange reason, I have recently found myself attracted to fabric with birds in it. I don't own any yet, but I fall in love with it when I see it. Same for gnomes!!

    Sorry you can't crochet, I know how much you love it. At least you are able to do some type of crafting!

  5. Marg they are lovely! Why are they called wonky? don't look wonky to me or is that just my eyes? LOL about the computer comment as I have just put my exercise ball at the table to help my sore back which is probably from too much computer!!

    My friend had the same sofa from Freedom and she had to have it replaced as well, they replaced it with one like mine so hopefully that won't be happening to mine??

    You have been prolific with your quilting, it all looks superb :-)

  6. Ok Ok they ARE wonky, just not very wonky. I think I'm a bit too OCD to make them very wonky. Thank you for all your nice comments. I'm going to show on my next post that they aren't all nice and even.


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