Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday tidbits (and tails)

Slowly, slowly. The blocks are not in any order as mini me so kindly pointed out. I was quite thrilled that she took enough notice to see that they were not in a random layout, she was quite worried that I had laid them out incorrectly. Awwww she cares!!
I have 13 1/2 made now, at this rate I should be finished in 2035. At least the blocks should be finished, don't know about the sashing, the backing, the quilting and the binding.

This is my favourite block so far. I love the owl. Under artificial lighting the charcoal is looking a little purple.

Karma aka Doodles


 A great cut and blow dry makes all the difference!!!!

With his flea! 
He always has his tongue out.

Guess who!

He squeezed himself through the cut outs under the stool.

This has to be burnt soon, as we are coming into the dry season.  I have been waiting on my neighbour to help as he is a member of the local fire brigade, he has offered but I'm still waiting. 

It doesn't look very big, but unfortunately it is huge. To give you an idea of the size, the stumps are  from full grown pine trees that were cut down a few years ago. It is at least 2 metres high ( 6.5 feet). 
It's going to be one mighty huge bonfire.


  1. Invite me . I'll bring the marshamallows and Chorizo.

    Totally loving the wonky blocks.They look so pretty all laid out together.

    I'm feeling slightly inspired now...that Meadowsweet I have in my stash would look pretty as wonky blocks bordered with white methinks.

  2. I am still loving those blocks and I too love the owl!

    The pets in your house are as mad as mine, Karma's hair cut looks good :-)

    We don't need the fire season this year...it came way too close last year, it was on the hill just over the creek two paddocks away!!

  3. Love the wonky blocks! And yes, the owl is particularly delightful. :-)

    Ah, Karma such a handsome little chap now.

    Busy Bailey.

  4. Just when you think the children are not paying attention, they say something wonderful and let you know they really do care. The wonky blocks are great. I like the grey in them. It is a color I have never thought of using, but I really like the way you have used it with your quilting and in your crochet.

    As always, the pets are adorable. Mine have just been irritating me - I don't think they do cute!

  5. The blocks look good. I would not have noticed they weren't in order. I thought that was the purpose of wonk, no order!

    Pets who can be seen and not seen and who can now see...:)

    I thought that looked like a Christmas tree!


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