Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend away

I've just spent the weekend away with some lovely friends who live on the Gold Coast.  I originally met them when I lived in Singapore. They are from New Zealand but have lived in Australia for the last 10 years. It's a 2 hour drive on the freeway to their house from here. 
I would love to say that the weekend was spent enjoying the sights, the sand, surf and the atmosphere. 

I'd also love to show you lots and lots of photos of the weekend.

I took my camera and didn't take a single photo. You will see why if you read on.

I arrived late Friday afternoon and we sat and had a welcome drink, maybe two!  In the evening we saw The Ghost Writer - a great movie, and then back to the house to whip up a dinner/supper and open another bottle of champagne. We sat up talking until way after midnight.
Saturday was spent lounging around in our pyjamas, it was a lovely sunny day but not overly warm, and we just couldn't be bothered to change. Another bottle was opened at 11.30 am which is pretty early for me, but it was very pleasant, lounging around in pyjamas, soaking up some winter sun and sipping champagne. Great, but not great for photos!!!! Late afternoon we changed into something more appropriate for mingling with people, and walked across the garden, to slip through the fence and have drinks and an early dinner with the next door neighbours, and I forgot to take my camera.  By 6.30 I was so tired, I ran away and went back to my friends house.  The election aftermath and count was on TV. With every intention of going to bed very early, I stayed up until late to watch the unfolding events of what was looking like a hung parliament, where there is no clear winner. There is still no clear decision and we may not know until later in the week who will be able to form a government.
Sunday morning I was woken up early by the  *#@* rooster across the road, and we lounged around in our pyjamas again, until it was time for me to drive home.

I had such a great realaxing time, and although it sounds like I drank buckets of alcohol, I didn't actually drink that much (yes Mrs P and the other doubters) I didn't drink too much,............................. not really.  However I think the lack of sleep, the more than usual amount of champagne on Friday and Saturday, plus the two hour drive back home on Sunday afternoon conspired to make me feel very very ordinary last night. I am pleased to say after a reasonable nights sleep I feel much better today.

I was going to throw myself into being crafty today, as I didn't get much done last week, but it's now early late afternoon, and I haven't touched a thing. Maybe I could open another bottle...............

PS. Absolutely no drink driving was involved.


  1. Sounds good to me. I think that would almost qualify into a perfect weekend except for the election stuff.
    Have fun with your hung parliament - our coalition hasn't crashed and burned like they were predicting back in the spring.

  2. All I'll say is if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

    I had no idea you were away for the whole weekend when I was emailing you Saturday night...duh. Why didnt you remind me you were busy?

  3. What a beautiful place to visit. Not only because of the scenery, but because of the non-stop alcohol! I wish I could have been there with you. The crafty stuff will be there when you are ready. Time with good friends is more important than anything!

  4. Sometimes you're just having too much fun to worry about jumping up and capturing the moment with your camera. Besides, I bet with the champagne, the photos would have all been blurry anyway. ;-)


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