Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Sewing Party For Two

After my complete lack of craftiness during the week, in which I found every excuse in the universe not to sew, I felt quite bad.

Fortunately for me I have a Sergeant Major at my disposal who whipped me into line and forced me to sew something on Friday night. She's a bit frightening though, threatened me with all sorts of unspeakable things if i didn't join her in a sew in.  I am glad she did though as I had a ball, although my stamina is not as good as  Mrs P's, as after a couple of hours I found myself fading very fast. It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that we talked for three hours on the phone on Thursday night - until midnight, yes midnight, way past my bedtime. However it was great talking to Mrs P and confirm, yet again, we are twins separated at birth. Even though I am a few days months, maybe a year or two older.

Mrs P is a legend and raced through cutting and piecing a coin quilt, which looks absolutely fabulous and had me drooling at her photos, while I took my time and finished two more of the wonky log cabin blocks.

Fortunately earlier in the day I had tidied up my pile of strips for the wonky blocks so I was able to jump straight in.
See, nice neat piles ready to go, and look at that stash of fabric at the back. Now that I am too pathetic to attempt a queen size quilt I am never going to use all that in this quilt, so I may have to organise a fabric swap after I have finished this quilt.

I did finish the second one, but I was just too tired to take any more photos and load them.

The mess after I finished.

I also tried out a final round on one of the blocks, but I'm not as over the moon with my fabric choice as I thought I would be, so back to the drawing board for that. I nearly cried last night after I had tried it, and then looked at the alternative which I thought was much better. But I kept a stiff upper lip and decided I should go to bed and think about it another day, after all I haven't even finished the blocks yet.

Today Renata and I went up to Mapleton to see a quilt show which was very nice. There were a couple of stalls there from some quilting shops around the area including my local one  Cooroy Patchwork, Patchwork Angel and Quiltopia!Design from Maleny. We met Ann from Quiltopia who was lovely and very helpful and as she was so nice I purchased some fabric from her.  No jelly rolls this time, however these two layer cakes asked me to take them home.

After seeing Mrs P's Christmas quilt, I loved the colours, and although not the same fabric I have been eying this for quite some time.  Today because of the quilt show, it was discounted, I gave in and bought it.

I love this Sugar Pop, it is a new range by Liz Scott which apparently won't be in the States until December. I love how we have all the latest Moda pre-cuts here before they appear in the U.S. - strange, weird but oh so good.


  1. That's General Pyjamas to you Missy. And don't forget to salute.

    It was heaps of fun. We have to do it again. Confession: As soon as you went to bed , I stopped sewing. (ahem)

    So...what are you going to make with your new fabric goodness?

  2. What gorgeous fabrics, both the new and the ones for the sew-along. Although I feel that I'm butting into a private conversation ...involving undies. Whenever I travel for work I say the main fun is being away from the children, eating chinese takeaway and watching tv in my undies. Must be a chick thing.

  3. Mrs P, if I am true to form my christmas fabric will reside in my cupboard for a year or two, as I have no idea what to make with it. Any suggestions? Not that I'll do it though!
    Lynley, the more the merrier, nothing private about this conversation.

  4. I'm glad General Pyjamas got you going. Those blocks are adorable!

    Cool new fabrics too.

  5. Seems like you two have a good working/chatting relationship going :-) Pity Adelaide is so far away.

    Love those wonky blocks, that little bird is adorable!

  6. General P does sound pretty scary! You were right to buckle down and get some stitching done. I'm afraid of her too and I live thousands of miles away! Good thing.


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