Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday tidbits (and tails)

Well, pretty much zip, nada to show for the last few days. I have been working on the wonky blocks, which I have to admit are not  overly wonky, which is what I was aiming for................subtle.    BUT
I think a couple of them need a bit of tweeking to just give them a little bit more wonkiness, otherwise they are just going to look like I am totally crap at cutting and sewing accurately. ( Which is pretty much true, and that's the reason I started doing these because there is a huge margin of error in these little babies, and I love that.)

The photo is not the best as I forgot to take it today, and had to take a quick one tonight  and also the lighting is a bit dodgy.

Eight and a half down and if I decide to make a queen size quilt I only need to make another 63, (giggling hysterically).   I think  someone should start taking bets on when I am going to give up.  I don't think I am going to get frustrated with them like the infamous snowball blocks BUT I also have the attention span of a gnat and 63 more just may take way too much time. 

I have slowly been making progress on the crochet cushion, and almost finished the back. Drat my wrist,   I need to scroll the mouse with my left hand as that is what is making my wrist worse.

The colour is not very accurate, as I took it in artificial light. 

Yeah I know, another excuse for a crap photo, how about we just go with........................ I need to practice more with my camera and take a bit more time taking a photo, and be thankful that occasionally I can produce something that actually looks good.

Lucky last.......................some of what the cats have been up to this week. 

Bailey has been showing his feminine side and taken a shine to this bag.

 He wouldn't let it go when I picked him up, he's holding it by the handle.

He loves lemongrass.

and boxes

So does Lulu and now she is covered in Bailey's fur too.


  1. Roll up roll up place your bets here ...

    I have absolute confidence you will finish this quilt and it will be fabulous. Because you're fabulous. And your crochet is fabulous. And your cats are fabulous.

    Wow I bet you really missed me and my weird comments huh?

  2. Mrs P.
    Ok you're on for the bet although I don't think it is quite ethical to be betting on myself is it?

    So glad to see you are back on the internety thingo.
    Thank you, I have missed your fabulous compliments. I'm now basking in my fabulousness.

  3. Jeez Mrs. P, you steal all the good stuff! I wanted to be the first to tell Marg that I have faith that she will finish the quilt!

    The kitties are cute as always. I used to have a cat who loved plastic grocery bags. If one was on the floor he would crawl in it. I always worried he would suffocate!

  4. I'm up late checking what all my bloggy friends have been up too and crocheting just one more row of a WIP, don't you love how crochet just gets you in! Marg you need a little wrist support so you don't get bloggers hand :-)

    Love those blocks, keep going the quilt is going to be awsome!! I bet you finish it just like the Japanese one....slow and steady :-)

  5. Your wonky blocks are awesome. I just love the way your doing the centers. Great color scheme too.

    Sorry about you wrist. The crochet cushion is looking so pretty.

    Always appreciate the shots of your kitties. :-)


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