Friday, August 13, 2010

This week

Some gorgeous colours in Bella solids arrived this week, Magenta, Pistachio, Peony and Green. To go with the Plume fat quarters and charms below. 
I am getting ready to start on Bitchypoo's quilt. Probably when I start to get bored with the wonky log cabins, which is likely to be sooner than later.
 Look at all these yummy lovely colours.
 I have been finding it difficult to decide on a quilt pattern to use, as there is such a diverse range of colours and patterns in Plume.  Bitchypoo also kept on choosing quilt patterns that were too busy for the fabric. I wanted to find something that highlighted the large patterns. I think we have agreed on one now, at least I hope we have.

I've completed two more blocks and half way through the next. I think these are a bit more wonky than the previous ones.

Don't worry I won't give you a blow by blow description of every block.

Here's my boy. In great need of a haircut. His face is in there somewhere.

He is booked in for a cut and blow dry on Monday, so can't wait to show you what he looks like under that fur coat and hoodie.
I have been wanting to have him clipped for a few weeks now, but I don't want him to freeze as it is still very cold here at night.  Yesterday I was giving him a scratch and felt a lump on his head.  I took him out into the sunshine (I can't see a thing these days without my glasses and adequate lighting) and I found a paralysis tick.  He was very lucky I found it so early, it was still very tiny. 
He doesn't seem to have any adverse affects from it, other than a lump on the head, pretty much where his hair is parted on the top of his head in the above photo.

Of course Lulu had to get in on the photo. I swear she has telepathy when it comes to the camera. As soon as I start to take photos, she is pushing her way in.

Noisy Kookaburras in the gum tree, early morning, boy are they loud.

 Early morning shadows as the sun comes up.


  1. Oh keep an eye on the little fellow. Those ticks are nasty!
    Looks to me like you are getting up too early. In this weather I'm still snuggled down till 7:30 !!!

  2. Yes those blocks are wonky and looking good! You are as bad as me at starting a new project before finishing the last, I swear I have about 10 WIPs.

    Do you use anything on your little guy for the ticks? they are around all year despite what the vets say...and they are nasty little buggers. There is a homeopathic treatment you can get from the health food shop called Ledum (I think) or Henny Becketts tick remedy. It is brilliant and I have saved two dogs with it now so I can't recommend it highly enough. Just keep it in a brown bag in the dark as it is light sensitive :-)

  3. Your wonky blocks are coming along beautifully. Nothing much creative going on here in the way of sewing...and it's killing me.

    Cant wait to see what you come up with for Miss. B's quilt.

  4. Yummy, yummy colors for you new project. :-)

    Actually, I'm enjoying seeing your wonky blocks as you make them.

    Your pooch is so cute. And yes, cats do have a 6th sense. Either they get in the picture or they purposefully screw up the shot you're trying to get by turning their heads at the last second.


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