Thursday, August 26, 2010

I've got nothing

I have had a week of procrastination. I keep on looking at my sewing and crochet, both of which need projects to be either worked on or finished, but I just can't muster up the enthusiasm to do anything.  Instead I have whiled away the hours sitting at the computer googling stuff, drooling over flickr photos and blogs and generally just looking at anything, rather than doing something.

My creative space
insert sounds of crickets chirping

I have also had a bit of a clean out of the study so I can eventually move my sewing stuff into it, then it will become my sewing room. I have to wait for bitchypoo to finish school before I can move in permanently,  she is coming up to her final exams in the next couple of months. and at the moment she uses it to study,  research, go on facebook, you tube etc.

On another note, what is the past tense of - to text?

Is it texted, as it just looks and sounds wrong, eg.

I texted Shay.

I text Shay.

Ahhhhhhh they both look and sound wrong.

I think I will just use text/ed,  that way I cover both bases.

A random gratuitous photo from my trip last year taken on the Isle of Capri, Italy, as I haven't any photos of anything crafty to show.


  1. Maybe you could train those crickets to do tricks?

    Today's word verification word is longer than the whole alphabet!

  2. Maybe I could train them to do my sewing and crochet for me.

  3. Oh and there is a whole dcebate about the use of the word "texted "

    Yes, I'm that sad I googled it.

  4. We all have those times in our lives when we don't want to do anything. I am there right now, but am forcing myself to do something. I made a goal of having all the house projects done by December. The weeks are ticking away and I am no closer to finishing!

    Big and I want to go to Italy so badly. I went when I was 19, but that was so many years ago, I can hardly remember it.

  5. Oh dear Marg....I know just how you feel. I'm on a roll at the moment but take a look at a blog I wrote a few weeks ago about what to do when you are not creative. I make lots of background. I love finding I have done things that I can pick up and work on when creativity strikes.
    Write a list, sort your stash, phone friends, in fact....why not write your Christmas cards NOW so when you are creative later on, it will be one less thing to do!!!!!
    Take care. X

  6. Sometimes we just need some "down time" to recharge those creative batteries, Marg. I'm sure you'll be back into your projects soon.

    Great picture!


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