Thursday, August 19, 2010

WIP's and UFO's

Yesterday I was fiddling with my Flickr account and sorting out photographs. I created a set for WIP's. As I was placing the photos in the set it was apparent that I had way too many things that I hadn't finished, instead of just having one or two photos I had eight projects to be completed. One of those was this table runner. I had sewn the binding to the front and pinned it to the back ready to hand sew, then left it sitting on the table, slowly being buried under patterns, fabrics and other projects.

I have just finished it, and as the table has disappeared under the wonky log cabin blocks and fabric I have nowhere to photograph it. So I'm cheating and using my previous photos, but it is well and truly finished. One down, seven WIP's or possibly UFO's to go.

Which brings up the question when does a WIP become a UFO? 
Is there a statutory time limit?

I've been having quite a productive week, not necessarily of craftiness, but I have succeeded in doing a few things that I've been putting off for a while most of the year. Yesterday I changed my name on my frequent flyers rewards program. I was supposed to have done it months ago, but being lazy, didn't. We are going away for a holiday soon, so I have to do it before then, otherwise I won't get the points. I also changed my name at the telephone company. It was so easy, but I just hate having to take all the paperwork and explain why I'm changing my name.  
Today was the day that some filing needed to be done. When I started putting it away, I was embarrassed to see that the last time I filed was in December. Hmmmmmmmm.  Filing is not high on my list of fun things to do, but 8 months, that's bad.
Are you that bad, do you put things off if there is no deadline?


  1. I'm going to win the Olympics for proctrastination! At work I'm fine as there are deadline but at home I'm hopeless. My filing pile would beat yours hand down. Once a year at best, quite often it just gets dropped in a box and forgotten about until I need something urgently and there is a mad panic! Every day I give myself a talking to about the things that need doing - and every day I don't do them and upset myself!

  2. Only 8 WIPS (now 7)? I can beat that. I've got 10. :-) Way to go on getting that lovely table-runner done. It's so pretty.

    I've struggled with question about when a WIP becomes a UFO too. Someone, I think it was Carla at Sew It Baby, said she thought as long as you were still thinking about it, it was WIP. Her reasoning was that some projects need time for the next phase to gel. And that WIP only became a UFO if you totally forgot about it or have absolutely no intention of finishing it. Made sense to me.

  3. I used to think I wasnt a procrastinator but I've come to the realisation that I actually am.

    Love Michelle's definition of a WIP vs a UFO. If you intend to finish it it never becomes a UFO.

    I'm sure your runner looks gorgeous and I have 7 WIP's too. Wanna race to a finish?

  4. I was casting around today looking for ideas to write about. You've given me a good start as I've had a productive week this week too.


  5. Glad you got something finished! I wish I could say the same thing. I am not sure about the WIP and UFO thing - I can never seem to stay on any one thing long enought to think about whether it is a UFO or WIP. I think I have ADHD when it comes to crafting - well hell, probably when it comes to life!!

  6. I have been good with my WIP's lately, I got to a lot of them in the school holidays. I think I only have 5! Do you count the stash that I have bought with intentions of starting a project?


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