Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another finish

I have finally finished the crochet throw I started months ago.
Thanks to Sue at Mrs Twins who posted about this pattern  found at Drops Design.

So here it is.

I followed the layout exactly as in the pattern, but as I used off white and white and only two colours, instead of only using off white and three colours, I am not sure the layout looks quite as good. I think if I did it again I would do the layout differently.  The squares are joined together by dc(UK) and chain. I have never joined squares in this way before, but I must say once I watched the video on the Drops website, it was very easy and I think it gives a really lacy look to the throw.  
I also didn't look at the finished size, it is quite a bit smaller than I imagined. It is a nice lap size throw or is big enough to throw over your shoulders, but not big enough to wrap around.
I found the pattern rather strange in places and after attempting their method I decided to change it a little bit and it worked out much better.  It is mainly the way each round is started, it seems awkward and makes the beginning of each round stand out instead of blending in.

I used some of the yarn I had left over from this project an 8ply acrylic which is lovely to work with,

I just added white.


  1. Did I have a brain snap because I dont recall seeing that bottom project ever ?

    Both of these are really beautiful throws. I love the top one. It's so antiquey looking. I think this is my most favourite of all the crochets you've done.

  2. Absolutely stunning! I am soooo envious ! Possibly the prettiest rug/throw I have seen in blogland. Congratulations, having just started this crochet journey I appreciate the work involved. I don't think I'll ever get good enough at it to do anything like this.
    It goes so well with all your white furniture too - a truely lovely decorating style.

  3. I LOVE this afghan! You know the drill Marg--if you get tired of it, I'll send you my address. :-)

    The other afghan is beautiful also.

  4. Beautiful work, love the colours

  5. I immediately saw how lacy and pretty that first one looks--it has a soft and dainty look that is very attractive. I like the second one just as well! Great work.

  6. I really like how those squares look, you could just add another round if you want it bigger couldn't you? Or have you run out of yarn?


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