Friday, September 3, 2010

Favourite Things Friday

My baby. 
With her permission!!!

She looks just like me, we are told that whenever we are together. 
(Minus a few, ahem, cough, pounds and many decades.) 
Poor kid.

I wish I looked that young!!!!!!!!
I'm sure she does ( from mini me :D)


  1. Oh I can see why she would be one of your favourite things!!! Beautiful, don't tell her tho it might go to her head ;-)

    Paris doesn't look like it was springtime!

  2. She does look like you in that photo and what an absolute beauty she is too. Check out that smile.

    I think it's awesome that Mini Me is one of your favourite things.

    Thanks for sharing Favourite Things Friday.

  3. How could she refuse you posting her photo when it's the favorites friday?! :D Very pretty.

  4. What a lovely girl you have! How lucky for her to inherit your good DNA! :o) Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday! :o)

  5. So nice of you to pass on your lovely genes. Your DD is a beauty and a great first start to favorite things! I look like my mom too.

  6. I see Marg, you just wanted to out-do everybody! What a lovely girl.

  7. Lovely girl. My kids are at an age when 10% of the time they are not my favourite things lol I guess that 10% will increase as they reach teenage years and then decrease when they become human again.

  8. I can see why she is one of your favorites! She is gorgeous (follow the line of reasoning next time you look in the mirror and apply generously to yourself).

    Thanks for a great FTF share!

    xo -E


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