Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Sewing Party For Two II

Last night  Shay aka  General Pyjamas and I had another Sewing Party. I was very slow to start, primarily as my sewing table looked like this.
After tidying moving stuff to the side so half of my cutting mat was clear, I made these.

That's 19 blocks now, 1 to go. I am also going to re-do a couple of them as I am not happy with their shape and size.  I lasted until 11 pm last night before I had to call it quits.  General P has much more stamina than I, so I left her partying away by herself.

Other crafty works this week -

Do you remember the sneak peak of these

They turned into this
Which now look like this

A door hanger for my friend J's laundry door, not quite finished yet. I love the ceramic buttons, so cute!


  1. I just love that owl block and the one above it!

  2. I am getting a reputation for being bossy! For anyone who is reading this I swear I am sunshine and light. Anyway thanks for the Friday night sewing -fest. Really got me motivated for the weekend.

    Love the blocks. How close are you to finished? Did you make a decision about border colours?

    The laundry hanger turned out beautifully. Those ceramic letters are gorgeous. I can see why you think they're cute.

  3. What fun, cross country quilting! Glad you made progress. The laundry banner is a-dor-a-ble! I'd want one too, if I had an actual laundry room instead of machines in the garage...

  4. Just love the owl! Your wonky log cabin blocks are just so cool! This one is going to be a beauty.

    The banner is such a clever idea. How cute!

  5. You did well!! I lay in bed moaning about how I had eaten too much curry :-)

    Are those blocks wonky?? ;-)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the laundry sweet. I am into bunting at the moment! Where did you get those gorgeous buttons?

    want to do a tutorial for making bunting for me??? Maybe that could be my quilty effort!

  6. Love the quilt blocks, beautiful colour combinations!

  7. Love the banner, cute without being twee!
    General PJ sounds in full force at the minute, you were lucky she let you get to bed....


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