Friday, September 17, 2010

Favourite Things Friday

Flowers are one of my favourite things. I love to have at least one bunch or pot of flowers in the house. Nothing fancy, just a simple bunch of flowers, like gerberas, lilies, freesias or roses, or a potted orchid.
If I had to choose a favourite flower it would be orchids, which is lucky as in this part of the world we have access to orchids most of the year, and they last really well inside too.

Here are a few photos of flowers I have had in the house this year.

Singapore Orchid



  1. beautiful! it is wonderful to have fresh flowers in the house. i should do that more often.

  2. always love fresh flowers. We have sweet peas and ranunculus flowering at the moment and I keep getting told off for picking them instead of leaving them in the garden.

  3. The best thing about orchids is the fact that they last so long, isn't it? I have a soft spot for Cooktown orchids too.
    Love those pretty gerbras too.

  4. Gorgeous! I wish my thumb was greener so I could cultivate some beauties like these. Visiting from FTF. Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday! Larri at SeamsInspired

  5. OMG! Loved those flowers... I'm going away for a week on Monday... You just gave me a brilliant idea to make hubby remember me... I'm getting a dozen tuberoses so that they keep the house smelling awesome till I return...
    Thanks a lot
    Cheers from India...

  6. I am very jealous. I love fresh flowers in the house and in the garden but for a variety of reasons, it's been too long since I've had both. Thank you for sharing the beauty.

  7. I've noticed you often have flowers at your house. They certainly add something to a room dont they?

    Great selection you shared with us for FTF. That's the bonus of living in a torical climate . Gorgeous flowers year round.

  8. They are all gorgeous! I love flowers but don't take the time to have bouquets in the house often enough. Wish orchids would thrive here!

  9. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Flowers are among my favorites too. I haven't kept any in the house for a long time because I'm afraid my cat would eat them.

  10. Well as the season is winding down here at the cottage, only the black eyed Susans are still in full bloom!
    I love your flowers, imagine having orchids year round, sigh!
    Friday Favs is great!


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