Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday tidbits

Do you remember me saying I would NOT buy any more jelly rolls, that I have a gzillion stashed away and have not used any of them. Well....hmmmm, I succumbed to the call of the jelly roll, but not because I am pathetic and have no will power, no, it was because I had to. I really did. You do believe me, don't you?

My first mistake.
Unfortunately I had been searching through Flickr for inspiration and came across a photo of a project made in Authentic by Sweetwater.  That got me thinking, that I could make some lovely things if I could get my hands on a bit of Authentic. The search began. Sadly, I was a bit behind the times, and pretty much everywhere had well and truly sold out. I was beginning to despair of ever finding any Authentic until I found this website. Go on click on it and note where it says under the name, The Home of Jelly Roll Heaven......oh no........ not jelly rolls.
Lo and behold, Linda had some Authentic in stock, no charm squares or layer cakes left, but yes, she still had jelly rolls. That was it, if I wanted to purchase some Authentic I had to have a jelly roll. I wanted that Authentic real bad, I was going to buy a jelly roll, I had to buy a jelly roll.

My second mistake.
Now as it happens, even though The Fabric Patch is an online store, the warehouse is only 20 mins from where I live.  So I rang to double check that there was still a jelly roll in existence, yes there was, and then I asked if it was ok to go there to pick it up rather than have it sent out.  So off I went to pick up my precious, my jelly roll.    When I arrived I was shown into my dream. A room full of beautiful fabric pre-cuts.  Guess what, I didn't stop with the jelly roll, yeah, I know, pathetic, no will power. I also came home with a La Petite Ecole Layer Cake and a Lumiere de Noel charm pack, and,

drum roll here, ta dah,

the very lovely Linda also had an Authentic Layer Cake hidden away. She took pity on me and let me buy that as well.

So now I have some Authentic, yippee. I have no idea what I am going to do with it yet, but I just had to have it.

At least I only bought one jelly roll, I resisted the urge to buy any others, and boy there were a lot to choose from.  Now to add my newly purchased pre-cuts to my stash and add to my very very very long list of projects to start.

In the meantime,

Almost finished, I just have to finish the final round of the border and sew in a couple of ends.


  1. Ah, the call of the precut fabric is hard to resist! I am only smug because it is over a month since I bought any fabric!!!

    I love the crochet and how you are joining the blocks together. I never do anything fancy when I do that, something else to add to the list!

  2. Sometimes I think being a fabric addict is actually more about the acquisition and the wonderful possibilities that exist when you own a primo stash.

    I have to say now I've seen the Authentic I wish I had some. Maybe we all have asome hideous disease?

    The crochet is fab!

  3. Your crocheted project is just so delicate and lovely.

    As for buying fabric you "just had to have" with no idea what to do with it~welcome to the club. However, no fabric ever goes to waste in my house, so even if it sits for years (yes, I have some fabric like that), eventually it finds a project. Or since I tend to scrappy quilts, several projects.

  4. I only found a little while ago what a jelly roll is, now having read this post of yours I have had to find out what layer cake is........... what a place blogland is, isn't it? Loving it....... loving the learning. :O)

  5. Your fabric stash is like my yarn stash....scary ;-)


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