Thursday, September 2, 2010

More photos

I really should have waited until today to take the photos of the quilt as these are better.

These are especially for Michelle!!

The back in all it's glory!

This is what I have been working on this afternoon, a sneak peak.
It's not the wonky log cabins, another quilt or table runner.

I haven't finished the crochet squares yet, only three to go.


  1. Hello Marg! thanks for your comment on my blog...I'm looking ofrward to seeing your new header! M x
    That quilt looks GrrreaT!

  2. Thank you Marg! Just beautiful and happy.

    Hmmmm....your new project is very tantalizing.

  3. I love the pattern of your quilt. I'm doing one like that soon. In fact my quilt and that cushion you finished on 10 Feb are a very good match. Mmmmmmm

  4. Another project? Good Grief Marg- are you on craft speed?

    Love that you've had such a crafty week. I bet you feel better for it too!


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