Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Exercise + Me (still) = Bad Outcome

"The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein.

OK so I don't think I'm stupid........ yet, but clearly I don"t think I'm meant to exercise.

Today was the day to start exercising again after being a little very lazy for quite some time.

After my previous not so happy attempts at walking, I thought aquarobics would be nice.


The class started at 8.30 this morning and ran for an hour, I smothered my face and hands in SPF 50 but somehow forgot about all the other bits that would need sunscreen.

Now I resemble a tomato,

or possibly a cooked lobster, 


definitely a tomato.


  1. Oh Marg, I definitely think exercise is BAD for you! Mind you , you can tell that I hate it by looking at me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Whoops! It happens to best was ending up with hand prints on my back cos I couldnt quite reach all of it myself :-/

  3. serves you right for even thinking about the 'e' word!...gardens looking fab

  4. Aquarobics is such hard work too so all in all I think I'd give it all a miss!!


  5. What were you thinking !

    Your first mistake was doing anything that involves being out of your pj's at 8.30am .

    If you'd worn your bubble wrap helmet your head would have been OK....

    Frankly Im disgusted that you were sneaking off to excersize. You got what you deserved.

    Ok maybe not- Im sorry you're like a lobster tomato.Let that be a lesson for you .

  6. I should have bubble wrapped everything, I'm soooo red, it's not funny Shay.

  7. lobster? Dang. Now I'm hungry.

  8. Oh no! Hope it doesn't all blister. Thats why the sun and me don't mix. Funnily enough, aqua is one of the few exercises I enjoy and I am thinking about starting doing it again - but not outdoors!

  9. Ouchie - I hope it doesn't blister too cos then you would look like bubble wrapped lobster tomato... well, if you must do these crazy things... rolling eyes and tutting (lol)

  10. Oh Marg, I am so sorry for you. I burn really easily and I know your pain. I say the only exercise you should get is walking from fabric bolt to fabric bolt, or from your sewing area to the kitchen for a healthy snack!

    You are beautiful the way you are!

  11. Oh dear! There is nothing worse than being burnt to a crisp! Hope youre feeling better now, Take care! x

  12. see how hazardous exercise can be

  13. Whoops, better luck next time.

    YOur garden photos are wonderful. I have tropics envy. I adore frangipani and yours look like perfect examples. Are you sure they are real?
    Also loving strawberries and cream. Love the colours. Colours are everything with patchwork aren't they.
    Have a happy sunday.

  14. I hope you're feeling less burnt by now. There's nothing worse, except the crappity feeling that you should have known better. You most likely know this but put lots of aloe vera lotion on.

  15. Hope the burn has gone since you didn't get one from the exercise ;-)

    When you said aquarobics I assumed an indoor pool and golly it was early in the day you wouldn't think you would get that burnt at that time???


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