Friday, March 11, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Yay it's Friday again and that means it's time for a Favourite Things Friday post. I'm back after a couple of weeks break from FTF. As always, linking up with the wonderful Shay at Quilting in my Pyjamas.

This week my favourite thing is -  friends.

Last night was our inaugural Stitch and Bitch night, which was ironic as there was not much stitching or bitching happening, just a lot of laughter and catching up and a teensy weeny bit of craftiness. I had my crochet to do,  J brought knitting and N embroidery, we attempted to work on something but most of the time we just had lots of time to laugh and catch up.
I am fortunate to have two of the most wonderful friends living nearby. We don't get together as often as we like as we all lead busy lives, but when we do it's a hoot.

As usual I totally forgot to take photos so had to find a couple of old ones.

These from an "M" fancy dress party last year.  By coincidence we all had a slight religious theme happening!

They are such fun and I'm privileged to call them my friends, and so lucky that they both love doing crafty stuff too!

At my **th birthday party.


  1. Love the pictures! You all look like you are having way too much fun. Great FTF!

  2. Yep you can't beat Fabulous Favourite Friends :-) Loved the photos!

  3. Friends are always a good Favourite things, and stitching and bitching is always good too. My lot meets once a fortnight and it is always a good time.

  4. Im a teensy bit jealous of those looks like you're having so much fun!

    I need to find me some real life stitching and bitching friends (who like to drink alcohol) so I can have photos like that.

  5. I agree - great favorite - friends are wonderful and ones you can stitch and bitch with are even better.

  6. What a fabulous favourite, Marg! You look as if you're just having the best time with your friends. My closest friends are my sisters. I just wish they lived closer and were crafty enough to have a fun night like you did. ;o)

    Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! :o)

  7. love this, Marg!

    Don't worry, Shay - I bet there will be lots of pics of the two of you having a blast!

    I'm so glad you have good friends, Marg - a costume party is a great idea for a good time!

    thanks for sharing your pics!

  8. Wonderful pictures - friends sure do make the world a happier place to be in.

  9. I too am a bit jealous. None of my stitch and bitch friends live locally. I wish they did. One of my young cousins was trying to remember how to cast on with knitting last week and writing to me. As she lives in Ireland I wasn't much help!

  10. Friends are so important...I am glad you have some that live close enough to actaully meet them.

  11. I wish more of my real friends were quilty friends, but I'm okay with getting my stitch-and-bitch on online.

  12. Fabulous favourite! I am part of a couple of regular craft groups in my neighbourhood, sure is fun to create with friends.

    Love the pics

  13. Good friends are a really nice thing to have! Great FTF! So glad you had a nice time at your get-together!

    xo -El


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