Saturday, March 19, 2011

Summer In Paris

A tah dah moment.
I finished this quilt top yesterday.


It's my own design and I'm ecstatic with the way it turned out. I wanted to make a quilt that captured memories of Paris and the beautiful gardens throughout the city.

The idea developed from this fabric.
Photo from Fabricworm
Paris Map by Yoko Okomato at Fabricworm.

Then I started auditioning fabric,
some from my stash, the top three and the sixth one from the right I found at Hawthorne Threads and Lucky Kaeru Fabric. Some others I found at my local store, Patchwork Angel.

My original idea was to use a Kaffe Fassett pattern.

I liked the idea of the central large square for the map of Paris, but I decided the overall pattern was just a little too regimented for what I wanted.

Then I saw this pattern at Carolina Patchworks. I loved the more random look of this, although by now I wanted to convey the idea of city blocks and a central block where all the blocks radiated from it, so this pattern was a little too random.
That's when I thought I should try to design my own pattern.

A little bit of math was involved to work out what size block was needed to be able to divide into halves, quarters etc, to have sashing between each piece, and to make every block the same size.

Quite a bit of fussy cutting.


As I was making it I was worried that it was looking fabulous in my head, good drawn out in my notebook and not so great when finished.



I'm very very happy with the way it turned out and I'm already planning on making Autumn, Spring and Winter in Paris quilts.


  1. Oh wow, this is just gorgeous! I think you picked the perfect pattern to showcase that great fabric.

  2. Congrats on a terrific design! You did a great job on getting just what you wanted, a central map and "blocks" radiating outward. It is beautiful.

  3. It's absolutely beautiful! I love all the pictures on flickr. (and cat approved too!)

  4. Love, love, LOVE it !!!
    You must be sooo proud and happy with the way it has turned out.
    PS My first quilt is based on the Kaffe Fasset one minus the central square.

  5. Yep, it's really beautiful. I love the way the fabric is showcased by the frames, just lovely. A beautiful way to show off a gorgeous fabric line!

  6. Wow, its looks beautiful Marg, i Love the fabrics you have used. Good on you for going with your own pattern. I think the puss approves!

  7. That quilt is fabulous! What a wonderful way to remember a favourite trip. The fabric you chose and the layout are stunning.

  8. that is stunning marg.....arent you clever....colours and fabrics are wonderful....where will it go?

  9. Stunning! Your piece work is awesome,

  10. You need to write up a pattern for this quilt...immediately.

    I love the idea of making one quilt for each of the seasons. Genius. Absolute genius.

    And of all the quilts you've made since I've known you this is my favourite. IT's AMAZING. The first photo of the full quilt makes it look like stained glass.

    A job fabulously done and a great vision translated into reality.

  11. Wow Marg that quilt is stunning!!! I love the Paris fabric and it is going to bring back so many memories each time you use it.

    Great Idea and I love the seasonal theme you are going with for these.

    I don't know why you left it so long after your Mermaid quilt to get back into quilting as it is obviously your forte :-)

  12. I must say I do LOVE this one. It looks really affective in that top pic. I love the close ups of the fabric too really nice selection. You must be really pleased with that! Where will you put it?

  13. Marg, This quilt is so beautiful!! I love the colours, the fabrics and your pattern is perfect to show them off. It really IS like Paris in Summer!!

  14. You are amazing - I can't believe you crafted that all in your head, then on to a notebook and finally sewed it all together - I can't imagine the time you have invested.

    It's stunning.

    I've never been to Paris, but if it's anything like your quilt top - I think I'll love it!

  15. Totally love all the fabrics you have chosen for this quilt, it looks fab.

  16. I meant to comment on this two months ago. What a beautiful, beautiful quilt. It was the perfect choice for your Blogger's Quilt Festival entry.

    xo -E


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