Monday, March 7, 2011

Nothing much

I think I've lost my blogging mojo this time.
I wonder whether it's catching, hmmm, Shay, although mine has mutated to blogging!
Normally it's my crafty mojo that goes awol.

I've missed the last two Favourite Thing Fridays as I couldn't come up with any favourites,  and I've been struggling to blog about anything for the last week.

I have been spending lots of time reading blogs and commenting and time on Flickr and making witty ridiculous comments on friend's photos, 

I haven't been sitting around twiddling my thumbs, I've been busy, making the backing, basting and preparing to quilt Strawberries and Champagne, something that has taken up my time but is not worth a blog post or photos.

Thanks to lots of aloe vera my sunburn changed to suntan and so far no blisters or peeling.
Thank you everyone for your kind comments.

I've been to Brisbane to see Wicked and stayed there the night. 

I went to aquarobics again today, this time slathered in SPF 50+ all over, and so far no sunburn and no repercussions from exercising, touch wood!

I've started working on another quilt along I've joined.

The background block

Now I just need to find some interesting photos, and finish or at least make something that I can photograph.


  1. Maybe it is just that time of year. I don´t feel like having anything to really blog about either. That´s why I wrote about the roses...great post :-((
    Oh well...don´t let blogging be Stress!!!

  2. Don't worry, it comes in cycles. Probably just your mojo telling you to relax a bit and refill the inspiration well. Buy some nice magazines or stroll through the library/museum to fire up those synapses again. We'll be waiting, however long it takes!

  3. I liked this post. Ive finally relaised not everything I wrote has to be packed full of creativity or amusing anecdotes. I like Kirsty's idea of re-filling the well.

    Glad you remembered the SPF 50 and didnt strain a muscle. I'll still pass on the excersize.

  4. Ahhh we all have spells like this - don't stress about it - I think everybody needs a bit of downtime and rightly so. Glad to hear you remembered to suncream everywhere this time :0)

  5. I've just had a time like that. I sat at the computer to write a post and sat and sat, and realised I had no words in my head. I had lots of things to write about but just couldn't. So i had a break and read a book instead of looking at the computer. 2 weeks later I felt like writing again. It just happens. Love that group of fabrics in dark moody grey blues!!

  6. Perhaps it's the time of year? At one time I wrote a post every day. Now 3 a week is doing well. I worried that my life wasn't interesting enough to rabbit on about it all the time and I must say I am casting around a lot of the time trying to find something to post about that doesn't come over as a lecture but after a while something will come up.
    Just go with the flow.

  7. Don't worry about not posting. I used to worry about posting every day. Now I post when I want to or when I have something I feel is interesting. I have been crafty, but no finishes to show off.

  8. I think ive caught what youve got!
    Ive been hopeless lately, ive been busy craftwise but lost my blogging mojo too!


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