Thursday, March 10, 2011

Update on Exercise

I spoke too soon.

I am pretty much 100% positive I've either broken or chipped the bone in my middle toe on my right foot.  This happened during Monday's aquarobics class. I can pinpoint exactly when it happened, I tripped over my toes, yeah I know, how the heck do you do that in the water, I did, and it hurts a lot.

Symptoms, it's throbbing, my toe nail is not exactly how it should be, (I'll spare you the gory details), and my toe is swollen.

So far my record is 100% strike rate, every time I have exercised in the last 12 months  it has been detrimental to my health.

I'm thinking about taking bets on what will happen at tomorrow morning's aquarobics class.

Yes I am going to go.

I'm a glutton for punishment, either that, or I'm an idiot!


  1. Bloody hell girl. Normally when I have the exercise is bad for you talk, its with idiots who play rugby when they're already injured or long distance runners (they never look heathly) but aqua is one of the few things I thought was safe. I've been thinking about starting it again after years away - now I'm not so sure.

  2. i laughed i'm sorry.....learn your lesson.... exercise is bad for your health marg!!

  3. You poor thing, having to hobble around. I broke my toe in our pool last summer too. But that was because I'd drunk a few mojitos and misjudged the step. Served me right. Hope you go okay tomorrow!

  4. This is a clear message from the universe. Now just stop and listen.

    Cant wait to hear what happens today! Your poor toe!

  5. Yikes! That sounds painful. Sorry Marg. I hope it recovers quickly.

  6. Oh no - you should miss tomorrow and rest your toe! What if you trip over it again... it would be double the agony!! Go but watch from the poolside - seriously Marg, I don't think you are exercise are a good combo - there must be easier and less harmful ways to stay in shape - like swinging in your hammock....

  7. I have always, always said excercise is bad for you.

    For me personally, it's because I have an asthma attack within the first 15 minutes. You have found new and exciting ways of doing it by the sounds of things.

  8. Oh poor you! Sunburn and a broken that lobster thermidoor?? ;-)

  9. I went and I survived without an injury (that I know about...... at the moment).
    Celebrations are called for:)


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