Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits (and tails)

I'm making up for yesterday's post. I suppose I could have eked out all of this over a number of posts, but I'm finding it easier and quicker doing it this way, which gives me more time to quilt and crochet, and that's a good thing!

The backing for Strawberries and Champagne (pre-pressed).

I used most of what was leftover from piecing the front, 12 inch squares and a vertical and horizontal line of 2" x 6" strips.

Bitchypoo has sort of tidied part of her room. She bought the comforter and a couple of the cushions on sale with money she has saved from her part time job and she commandeered a couple of my cushions.  The rest of her room still looks like a clothes bomb has exploded but at least her bed is made and looks ok.

Friday we drove down to Brisbane to see Wicked on Friday evening, it was fabulous, I spent half the evening drooling over the fabrics in the costumes, looking at colour combinations. I especially loved one of the Emerald City costumes. Unfortunately I can't find an image of it.
Photo from The Age newspaper.
We stayed in Brisbane Friday night and came back Saturday. Instead of shopping we opted to go to the Museum and had a look at the Science Centre. It's quite small compared to others we've been to but it was fun.


A couple of photos of my "angel" pulling faces.

On the way home I picked up Fanny Pfaff as she was back from brain surgery and now should be like brand new. I haven't set her up yet as I'm really enjoying using the Jem.
Quilting has begun on the Strawberries and Champagne quilt, it's going ok, not quite as well as I hoped but it looks ok, and as the pattern is so busy the mistakes are not going to stand out, phew (I hope!).

Beautiful morning light and little wispy clouds this morning.

I've picked these for the next monochromatic challenge - guess what colour, lol!

This gorgeous stack of deliciousness is for something I'm designing. Cross your fingers for me please that what is in my head will work and look just as good if not better once it is pieced.

Finally, we can't have a Tuesday post without my wonderful Bailey.
P1040710 copy
This is his current favourite spot to chill out when he's resting from being Keeper of the Quilts.
Excuse the mess in the background, that's my pile of stuff that's ready to go out to the recycling and rubbish bins.


  1. Super yummy fabric in there. I especially love the neutral pile, probably because I've gone a bit silly over the Metro Living Line. Looking forward to seeing C&S quilted, hope your Pfaff goes okay too.

  2. Typical cat. Someone else is doing all the work !

    Im completely in love with both your fabric pictures. Those browns are divine and the other ones ooh la la -cant wait to see what you do with them!

    The back for Strawberries and Champagne looks lovely . Cant wait to see the whole thing.

    And OMG what powers and magic did you use to get the bed made? Amazing!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your daughter!

    The fabrics are fantastic - I really love the bird. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  4. Gorgeous fabrics and great pictures of your daughter. The head on the table one is cool. Haha, your cat is great - just sitting there having a ride!

  5. Ha Ha Baily looks like he is on the merry go round! Love that chocolate colour too, my favourite!
    I really like the backing for your strawberries and champagne, it looks like it was as much work as the front!


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