Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday ? and it's a bit late - and tails

It's been a very busy week at Chez Sunshine. Including, my dad's birthday on Friday,  partying on the Gold Coast, meeting people I haven't seen in f.o.r.e.v.e.r., meeting up with people I first met in Singapore 20+ years ago,  moving everything out of all the wardrobes, new wardrobes, trying to put everything back into the new wardrobes, going to Brisbane, and a teensy bit of craftiness.
The only craft oriented activities that happened in the last week, were finishing the binding on my dad's quilt in time for his birthday, I'll show pics in another post, and a couple of crocheted carrots. I spent a lot of time finding lots of inspiration (that I don't need) on the net. I already have way too many projects lined up without needing to add any more.

My list of things to finish:

  • Disappearing nine patch quilt - backing/basting/quilting (this is going to end up a UFO)
  • Spice Boxes - quilting
  • Not Karma's quilt - backing/basting/quilting
  • Bitchypoo's quilt - backing/basting/quilting
  • Summer In Paris quilt - backing/basting/quilting
  • Lily's quilt quilt along - everything!!!!!!
  • Charley Harper quilt along - pretty much everything
  • Brown block for Monochromatic challenge - it's almost the end of the month and I still have the embroidery to finish.
  • French Roses quilt - 21 blocks to go
  • Start the Sarcastic Quilter quilt along
  • Crochet throw, crochet more squares and sew ends in.

I'm sure I've missed things in that lot too.  Gosh that's a little daunting, did you notice how many backs, and quilting need to be done? I think that tells you something doesn't it, I like making the tops but not the rest of the quilt!!!

Sunset photos from this week.



A lovely photo of Karma, taken by Bitchypoo.

Poor boy, how embarrassing.


  1. honestly, Karma looks pretty content :)

    Love the sunset pics - do you have mountains around you or are there just a few hill interspersed here and there?

    Glad to hear you were able to hang out with friends and re-connect with old ones, too!

    Sounds like a great weekend :)

  2. That's quite a list there Marg! I dont mind putting my hand u0p and saying , I love everything about quilting except the actual quilting part. Twins!

    Poor Karma...I bet all the other dogs are laughing at him...

  3. Your list is longer than mine, but not by much. At least you've been having a lot of fun while avoiding it! I haven't got anything much to show for why mine are being completed!

  4. Karma knows how to take a good photo - he is so flipping cute - though Shay is probably right - don't be letting other dogs see this photo!!!! Your list is long but you will get through it - we all put certain jobs on the backburner.

  5. WOwzer! Busy busy! Love the sound of the new wardrobes though :-) Gorgeous sunset. I used to dress up our dogs (yeah like when I was 6) I had no one else to play with :-)


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