Sunday, March 20, 2011

Friday Night Sew In

Fridat night I stayed home instead of going out partying/clubbing, lol.  Pj's were on, ready for my second ever Friday Night Sew In.

I had been sewing all day to finish this quilt top, so even though I got myself organised (pj's on),  by the evening I had run out of steam.

Paris in Summer

I had grand plans to attach the binding on this quilt,
Dad's quilt front

but I hadn't trimmed the quilt to size and I wasn't in the mood to get it out and move everything off my large cutting mat.

Instead I pieced a block for the Monochromatic Challenge.


That didn't take long and I was going to join in on the great carrot sew along party, but by then I'd had enough of sewing so I made this instead.


The cat seems to like it.


Then I cut a few of these for the Lily's Quilts Quilt Along.
Blades for Lily's Quilts QAL

Not quite as productive an evening as I had planned, but at least I've pieced the block ready to embroider, and I started on cutting out the Dresden blades, so not so many to do today. I caught up with google reader and flickr.  Oh and I started on developing a prototype for a crochet carrot. Hopefully I'll be able to post a crochet carrot tutorial soon.

Friday Night Sew In is over at Handmade By Heidi, so check out all the other (and probably far more productive) posts from everyone else.


  1. I LOVE your Summer in Paris quilt... beautiful fabrics and wonderful concept! You must be so pleased with the way it turned out!

  2. I decided against the nightclubbing on Friday night as well;) Love that second quilt!

  3. You have been pretty busy! Do you do the blocks for swaps? (the monochromatic one)

  4. Yep-that quilt is da bomb alright.

    Love the block and carrot. I dont think you did too badly for FNSI at all!

  5. Hi Marg - thanks for your kind words on my Eva quilt :) Your post on the FNSI sounds so familiar - sometimes I have too many projects going that my head spins and I make zero progress on any of them - lol!! I'm in love with the colors and pattern in your Paris in Summer quilt!!

  6. Yeay - a prototype carrot - I like the sound of that! I think you did really well particularly as you'd been sewing all day. I've done that on FNSI before - sewn all day and run out of steam by the night time. Your quilts are delish :-)

  7. That carrot is the coolest!!! If you do a tutoial I might have to overcome my fear of crochet and have a go.


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