Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits (and tails)

A few photos of my garden this week, the weather has been superb, we finally have proper summer weather and now it's autumn :), warm not too hot, lots of sunshine, and it's not too humid either, it's just perfect!

The studio in the background and the pavilion.
Same view different angle. Love the palms against the blue sky.

Looking up the driveway from the verandah

 Finally some flowers in the garden
Pink hibiscus



An orchid that has self seeded in moss on the side of a palm.
The next door neighbours in their wisdom have decided it's great to have a rooster.  I don't think many people in the street are too happy about being woken up at 4am.

It's a very nice looking rooster, but I would prefer he and his harem stayed next door.

This ugly looking thing was brought inside by my wild child - Bailey, a couple of nights ago, as soon as we saw it we I threw it back outside, it's hideous and huge, it was about 13cm (5inches) from head to tail.  Photo by torchlight, I wasn't going to let it stay inside long enough to get a photo. I have no idea what it is, I don't think it's poisonous just really really ugly and HUGE.

On Sunday we drove down to Brisbane for the day.  We always buy these when we are there.
It's called Pearl Milk Tea, it originates from Korea.  It's basically very milky strong English Breakfast Tea with lots of sugar, (sometimes too much, but you don't get a say in how much you want), ice, and the black balls are tapioca, it's very refreshing, filling and extremely yummy! You are given big fat straws with this drink so that you can suck up the tapioca pearls. Just don't suck too hard or they hit the back of your throat and then you spray milk tea over anyone in front of you, not that I've done that.

I bought some new shoes too.
I did buy a pair of these not just one, (they only had a photo of one shoe on the online store.) I could have taken photos of my shoes but I'm feeling lazy so a photo of one shoe will just have to do.

My Pfaff is in having brain surgery, apparently the "thingamy jig" is basically stuffed and needs to be replaced. It's the bit that works out how to do all the stitches, what size, shape etc, so now I have to wait for the part to be sent from overseas as apparently the people at Pfaff think it's a waste of money to have spare parts sitting in Australia.  I'm so glad I have my little Janome Jem as I can still sew and quilt, although I can't tackle quilting anything large (not that I was going to anyway, lol).
I checked with the Janome store and they have suggested I should be able to quilt up to a single bed quilt, I really don't think so but I should be able to quilt Strawberries and Champagne on it, so now I had better get started on making the backing.

Karma's fur is a constant source of amusement in our house. We don't do anything to it, he just turns up looking strange.  I'm sure the cats do things to his hair at night while he is sleeping. Yesterday morning he had this lovely top knot. I tried really hard to get a better shot, but he will not stand still.
Not the most flattering shot!
and neither is this one!


  1. Glad you've had good weather 'cos its been very hot down here. I've been hiding inside with the aircon all day.
    Your garden looks great. Believe it or not our lawn is getting burnt off from the heat and is beginning to get really dry.

  2. Your garden is beautiful, so lush and green and I love the exotic (to me) flowers. I am tired of looking out and seeing snow in my backyard but hopefully spring is on the way.

  3. Garden looks fab! Is that creature some sort of cicada? I'd have been freaked out too. Love that self seeded orchid, that's going to look fab if it blooms.
    What's the go with the rooster? Aren't they illegal in residential areas? He might be handsome but I think maybe council needs to know about him!

  4. How can I be drooling one second (the garden, the flowers, the orchid growing out of moss!!)... shuddering the next (that giganormous, hideous, squish worthy (that would make a big mess!) looking creature)... and then laughing the next (Karma and his hairdo and slobbery tongue) - and then you go and throw in shoes too - very nice shiny looking shoes at that! I just bought some new shoes today too :0)

  5. Everytime I see your garden I vow to do something to mine because it's just stunning. (Yours - not mine)

    Doodles looks like a mad scientist with that hair.

    Gorgeous shoes!

    How thoughtful of your neighbours to provide you with an unwanted alarm clock....perhaps you can get a pet hawk or snake or something . That should sort matters out.

  6. Eeewwwww what is that insect??? Looks like a moth? My boys would just love it :-) I like your little orchid too!

  7. Thats a very BIG insect!!! You were right to kick it out! But not in those lovely new shoes of yours! The garden is looking wonderful.

  8. First of all - Shay is a very bad influence on you...a hawk or snake? :) I'm thinking someone better be around to bail the two of you out of the trouble you're going to get into in a few weeks!

    Love Karma's fur - I bet those kitties do terrorize him in his sleep!

    I can't believe that bug was 5 inches long!!! I would have screamed like a little girl.

    I echo the sentiments on the gorgeous garden - I'm jealous, I really am.


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